Native Americans

By: Samantha Ladd

Chief Sitting Bull

Sitting bull fought in his first battle in 1863. Had a vision of a war victory, and a view days after the vision came true. He was also a spiritual man. Sitting Bull was also known as a sun dancer and a medicine man.

Chief Red Cloud

In the 19th century Red Cloud was known as "one of the most known Lakota leaders." When Red Cloud was young he had a reputation for bravery and cruelty.He could also tell stories in a lively and convincing manner.Spent most of his life at war.

Native American Essay

The Native American played a big role during the westward expansion. When the whites tried to get the Native American’s land, the Native Americans would refuse many of the whites offers. When the whites offered them a ‘better’ place to live, but they had to act like whites. The Native Americans would refuse the offers and the whites just kept trying and trying.

The Native Americans would refuse to give up their land, because it was their hunting grounds and their home. It’s the only place they know cause it’s their home land and they don’t want to give it up.


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