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Tuesday, September 29, 2015



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Registrar’s Office


Do NOT come during class time – even if you do not have a class. Before and after school, passing periods and lunch only.

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PSAT -- On Wednesday, October 14, juniors will be taking the PSAT from 9-12:40, and seniors will follow their regular schedule.

Below is the schedule for October 14, 2015 PSAT:

0 hour will meet as usual. Then students will follow the schedule below:

Students Taking the PSAT

Report to assigned classroom by 8:55.

PSAT will last until 12:40.

All students taking the PSAT will then go to B lunch, to return by 1:33 to go to 5th period.

Follow regular schedule remainder of the day.

Students NOT Taking the PSAT

Follow regular schedule 0-3 periods.

If you have 4th period in Building A or B, go to A lunch.

Return by 12:36 to your 4th period class.

If you have 4th period C,D or E, go to class. Then you will have lunch at 12:42.

All students will follow regular scheduled periods 5-7.

Dress Code Reminders – Please help your student choose clothes wisely and respectfully. Click here to view the district dress code:

Parent Conference Day - Monday, October 12, is Parent Teacher Conference day and a student holiday. Please contact your student's teacher directly to schedule a one-on-one conference. If you would like to schedule a conference with multiple teachers at the same time, please contact your child’s counselor or sub school principal, and he/she will schedule the conference for you. Conferences will begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. Please consider reaching out to teachers and counselors now to book an appointment because the appointment times fill up fast.

Attendance Reminders – It is vital for students to be in school. Please remember these state guidelines

  • Notes must be turned in within three days for makeup work to be allowed. Unexcused absences could result in zeroes on assignments.
  • Beyond 10 absences, students must turn in doctor’s notes.
  • Three tardies in a class equals an absence.
  • Chronic absences will result in an intervention plan that may include loss of open campus lunch, Saturday Schools, and mandatory tutorials.
  • Continued absences can result in loss of credit for a course and truancy being filed.
  • Students absent more than 10 consecutive days will be withdrawn.

Please work with your sub school principal to avoid these difficult situations. Most importantly, be in school!


Allergy, Cold and Flu season is coming….

Per PISD policy these are the medical reasons for exclusion from school. Please remember the school clinic does not have any medications that we can give students. Medications can only be given to a student if the proper medication form is signed and the medicine is brought to the clinic from home. If the student is sent home from the clinic a note from the parent must be taken to sub-school for the absence to be excused. Below are the symptoms I am allowed to send students home from school with.

A student with any of the following symptoms will be excluded from
school until such time as the student is free of symptoms, has been satisfactorily treated or submits a signed physician’s statement that he/she is not contagious.

  • Temperature of 100 degrees or more. Student must be fever free
    for 24 hours, without medication, before re-entry.
  • Pain and/or swelling at angle of jaw.
  • Undetermined rash over any part of the body.
  • Undiagnosed scaly patches on the body or scalp.
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Student must be symptom free for 24 hours without medication before re-entry.
  • Red, draining eyes.
  • Intense itching with signs and symptoms of secondary infection.
  • Open, draining lesions.
  • Jaundice


Plano Senior High is looking for a few good volunteers! We have a couple of opportunities.

I. KEY COMMUNICATORS -- We need three parents to represent our school as members of the 2015-2016 Plano Independent School District Key Communicators group.

What Do Key Communicators Do?

  • Attend three evening meetings with the superintendent or other key staff to learn about programs, issues, initiatives and accomplishments. This year’s dates are: Thursday, October 8; Wednesday, February 3; and the final date is Thursday, April 14, 2016.
  • Share information from the meetings with other parents and school staff. Typically, this information is shared through the enews.
  • Communicate district news and initiatives, which will vary from year to year, but could involve election information, Education Foundation programs, legislative issues and district planning.
  • Receive occasional mailings from the district.
  • Facilitate balanced and factual communications.

II. Serve on the SITE BASED IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE -- Each year this committee meets at Plano Senior High about three times to review the school's goals, check progress, and then see the results according to progress made on state assessments.

If you are interested in either commitment, please email the following information:

  1. Group you're interested in serving on.
  2. Your Name.
  3. Address.
  4. Email address.
  5. Phone number
  6. Student's name and grade level.

Thank you for considering these opportunities.


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Parents: PLEASE READ the attachments from PISD safety and security about the Standard Response Protocol in case of an emergency. Thank you!


Plano ISD has implemented InfoCenter, allowing you to better control how you receive communications from your school or district. The following is a guide to help you get started.

What is InfoCenter?: InfoCenter provides access to all the messages and information sent by your organization. Accessible from any internet-enabled device, InfoCenter visually displays and organizes alerts, notifications, and attachments for easy review and reference. InfoCenter also allows you to customize how you receive communications from PISD (campus and district).

How do I sign up for InfoCenter?: Signing up for InfoCenter is easy. Using the email address that you have on file for your district (emergency card), follow these three steps:

1. Download the InfoCenter by SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market. You can also access the InfoCenter web portal at

2. Click the "New User" button, enter your email address, and create a password. An email will be sent to that address with a secure token. Note: If you receive an "already claimed by another user account" error message that means you've already created a SchoolMessenger account via another SchoolMessenger product, such as Contact Manager. Simply follow the "Return to login" link and login. Use the "Forgot your password" link if needed.

3. After authenticating via the token sent to your email, return to InfoCenter and sign in using your email and password.

What's in InfoCenter?: Once you've created your account, the records associated with your email address will be linked automatically. You can then:

  • View the records associated with your account.
  • Review the last 30 days worth of messages for all your associated records.
  • View your contact information, and configure how you'd like to receive notifications.

Important Things to Know:

  • Regardless of how you choose to receive notifications, all messages associated with your records will be retained in the InfoCenter inbox for 30 days.
  • You can opt into receiving Device Notifications (Push) under Notification Preferences. When choosing to receive Device Notifications, a badge or alert will appear when you receive new communications from Plano ISD.

Our provider, SchoolMessenger, makes the security and privacy of your data a top priority. As one of over 100 approved signatories to Student Privacy Pledge, you can feel ensured that your student's information is safe and will never be sold, rented or shared.

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