at Cranebrook High School

Super Six

What is Super Six?

6 keys to unlock reading comprehension. A framework or toolkit that can be adapted in all Learning Areas from K-12.

Key Features:



Promotes rich discussions about texts

Why we chose Super Six?

Data Driven

Senior Exec (National Partnerships)

Link with Literacy Continuum

Used in many primary schools

Inspired by the Super 6 training with Lizzie Chase

How did we present Super 6 to the staff?

The Saturation Method - to achieve consistency

SUPER 6'D the school with POSTERS!

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School Development Day



-Staff accessing resources

-Need for a more explicit approach

-Goals: to engage in rich discussions about texts with students, evaluate the progress of students alongside classroom teachers & incorporate literacy continuum.

Literacy Continuum & new direction

- focused on whole continuum, rather than just reading comprehension

-planning meetings with teachers

-resource building with teachers

-team teaching lesson with teachers

-evaluation/assessment meeting with teachers

Example Lessons