My Bucket List

April 2015

Bungee Jumping

My first thing that I want to do on my bucket list in go bungee jumping in Bhote Kasi River in Nepal. Physical, weathering happened here and running water was the cause of the erosion. As you jump off the bridge you fall down, landing just above, the Bhote Kasi River where you can also go white water rafting. I would go with my dad because he loves to travel the world and do crazy and dangerous things with our family.
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Scuba Diving

The second activity I want to do is go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia. I want to go to the Great Barrier Reef because seeing all the beautiful coral reefs and marine life would be beautiful to see and swimming along all the marine life would be amazing. Physical weathering happened there and glaciers were the form of erosion there. I would go scuba diving with my sister because one day she want's to be a marine biologist and loves swimming in the ocean and seeing all the fishes and coral.
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Exploring Oceans: Great Barrier Reef

New York

The third thing to go see on my bucket list is the Statue of Liberty in New York City on Ellis Island. I would like to see the immigration office that is located there and then go to the crown of the Statue of Liberty and look out to see all of New York before me.

The type of weathering that happened here is Chemical, and the force of erosion is acid rain or water. I would like to go here with my cousins, Kiara, because she has never been to New York and what better way for her to see New York than in the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

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Inside the Statue of Liberty / New York City / March 2001


The fourth thing to do on my bucket list is climbing a waterfall in Hawaii. I would go climb the Waiakeakua Falls in Oahu Hawaii. Along with getting to climb this beautiful waterfall you also get to go on a hike around the falls and see different plants and animals along the way. Physical weathering occurred at this waterfall and the force of erosion is running water. I would go to waterfall climbing with my sister,dad, and mom because we all want to go to Hawaii and we all like to go on hikes together and try something new so this would be the perfect place for us to go.
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howzitboy hikes: Waiakeakua falls to Mount Olympus loop

Hug a Koala Bear

The fifth thing that I would like to do on my bucket list is hug a koala in Australia at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This animal sanctuary doesn't only rescue koalas but also 75 other animal species. Physical weathering happens here and the force of erosion is running water since there is a river that runs into the sanctuary. I would go here with my mom because she loves animals as much as I do and I think that she would love to get to interact with them in person and not just through a glass at a zoo.
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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Brisbane