Wodehouse Newsletter

The life of Wodehouse

His Family

Wodehouse was born in England in 1881 to Eleanor and Henry Ernest Wodehouse.

His Aunt Mary Deane wrote Mr. Zinzan of Bath and Seen in an Old Mirror.

Barely seeing his parents, "Plum" grew very close to one of his brothers who also enjoyed art and writing.

Pelham "Plum" Grenville Wodehouse

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How much Money?

He sold two short stories to the Cosmopolitan and Collier's for a total of $500. That was the most he had made for his stories so far.

Right Ho, Jeeves!

Below is the telling of chapter 3 from Right Ho Jeeves, one of the many books from the Jeeves series.
3/23: Right Ho, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse


Here, a man is telling the story of Summer Lightning written by P.G. Wodehouse at the age of 23.
Audiobook-P. G. Wodehouse