CSA Lincoln 2nd Grade News

Mrs. Pickup and Mrs. Brill 05/16/16

Jr. Entrepreneur Presentations THIS Thursday, May 19th!

Please click here to confirm your child's attendance. Thank you!

Please read this important information about our project!

Our "Husky Theater" went great on Friday! It was wonderful to have a chance to reward the students who were following expectations K-2. A HUGE thank you for all the donations for our concession stand. Our finance committee will be counting up our profit and we as a group will be deciding how to spend, share and save the money we earned.

Another part of this project is the students planning and running their own businesses. They have been doing a good job of thinking of a wide variety of business ideas. We want to stress that this is a small-scope business with a goal of earning $10 (total) to spend, save and earn. For example, it could be as simple as your child doing chores at your house for the day, having a family movie night and selling a few "concessions", having a family pizza party and selling the pizza, giving the family dog a bath and a walk, etc. We would like to have the businesses completed by Wednesday, May 18th. We will be holding an Entrepreneur Fair on Thursday, May 19th from 3:00-4:00 in the gym where students will be making a slideshow or poster about their business so please take pictures of their business.

Lyn Morgan from Centra Foundation will be coming to hand out certificates to the students and congratulate them on a job well done. The certificate is for $6 to open a savings account at Centra, $5 of which goes into their new account and $1 goes to Centra Foundation.

The money that your child earns from their business is theirs to keep. Please have them send whatever amount they decide to the organization or charity of their choice. They can decide how much to spend and save from what is left. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Here are links to the documents that the students will be using to guide and help implement their businesses.

Project Leadership and Commitees

Business Plan

Project Checklist

We understand that with school coming to an end soon and with spring being a busy season for families, this may be a burden. We would still love for everyone to attend the fair with something to present. We will have some students that can present on their business plan (we worked on this in class) and some that can present on the work that they did in committees for our class business. Please let us know if this would be a burden for your family.

STILL Lost and Found!

We had a black hooded, water-resistant jacket (with black leather gloves in the pockets) left behind at the library's red room after Genius Hour presentations on Thursday, 4/21. It looks to be a men's medium. Please let us know if it might belong to you so that we can get it back to you.

Mrs. Pickup's Parents- Genius Hour Update

As I was beginning to look over the Genius Hour research paper, I found it difficult to assign grades. I was not here when the expectations and most of the work was done on that piece of the project. This was a big part of the project and I did not want to discount the work they did simply because I wasn't here for that part. I instead created a modified rubric that focuses on their effort and format. I will be going over this is class and giving them an opportunity to make any adjustments they feel are necessary before I fill out the rubric. Here is a copy of the modified rubric. I have filled out rubrics for the presentations and they will be coming home soon. Thank you for your understanding and please contact me with any questions.

ELA this week

This week, students will read about how myths help us understand how plants grow and develop. They will be able to use context clues as well as understand the theme of a text. We will also be reviewing adjectives.

Math Goals

I can use many different forms of math to successfully complete my Jr. Entrepreneur Project..

Our students are finishing up their presentation for the Jr. Entrepreneur Fair Their presentations are on their Google Drive if you would like to preview them.

Logging into Students Accounts

If you would like to see all the hard work your child does at school you can login to their Google account or their Itslearning account from home. Considering winter is just around the corner this is very important to learn how to get around the Google world. Plus this is a great way to help your child. I'm sure they would love to share what they are learning!

Here is the pattern

first two digits are the child's graduating year (which for 2nd graders is 26)

then their last name and first initial

For example itslearning is 26brillr (some of these have different variations if the last name is a common name)

Google example 26brillr@students.bcsc.k12.in.us

Their passwords pattern

Thier six digit student identification plus bcsc

All of the 2nd graders know their regular passwords for the other apps and learning tools but if you need help please feel free to text me on Remind101.