Apple OS El Capitan Fixed 67 Bugs

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Apple Company has rolled out its latest update to OS X El Capitan, Safari browser, and iTunes. You can say feature-wise OS X 10.11.5 isn't a major update but it does include numerous bug fixes relevant to Mac device used in an enterprise environment. This update has fixes for 67 security flaws, some of which could allow remote attackers to increase arbitrary code execution. However, this update is noteworthy as probably being the last feature update for its latest desktop operating system before 10.12's is expected to release around this year. While using the new updated version of OS X, if you forgot your Apple ID password, then visiting Apple password reset page for OS X customers is a good option. Expert technicians help you in resetting the password effortlessly.

Apple updated OS X El Capitan to its latest 5th version 10.11.5, in which it is patching the current version of OS X and the two prior versions together. With its annual release, Apple now supports an operating system edition for approximately three years. From several years, Apple issued just five updates to its OS X software. This OS X El Capitan adds some marvelous new features for those who use the built-in Dictation feature in their devices. You can now set your Mac settings accordingly to use and accept dictation spoken command usefully. If your computer is on the other side of the room, you can still command your Mac robotically while you're dictating, which can help in reducing the errors. For this, simply open System Preferences option and go to Accessibility, then choose Dictation from the left-hand sidebar menu and give these new features a spin.

In prior versions of OS X software, when you double-clicking on a window's title bar, it would minimize that window to the Dock. In this El Capitan update, you can set your Mac to by simply going to System Preferences, tap on Dock settings. Then, check the box labeled quot, and double-click on window's title bar and choose the option of your choice from the drop-down list to use new features successfully. Sometimes, while updating to the latest versions, many of the users want to change or reset their Apple ID and password to secure their information. For this, they can simply dial a toll-free Apple ID reset password phone support service and reset their device password successfully.

In other words, OS X 10.11.5 offered a few non-security bug fixes. It was a distinctive refreshed and updated edition. Out of the 67 security flaws fixed in El Capitan, a dozen also applied to Mavericks and 14 to Yosemite, according to Stephen Brown, director of product management at Salt Lake City-based LANDESK, which makes systems and asset management software.

The one QuickTime vulnerability, now patched, “is interesting in that social engineering could be employed to get a user to click on a video file, such as using a headline of the day that would be enticing to watch, such as ‘Funny Quotes from Donald Trump,’ and bad things ensue,” wrote Brown.