Economic Differences of VA and MA

Ethan Lederer P.1

Virgina Economy

Different social classes are treated differently when purchasing goods. "The rest of us patiently obeyed our vile commanders and bought our provisions at fifteen the value"(John Smith).
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Virginia Economy Cont.

The goal of Virginia was to get the money and get out. All slaves wanted was gold and the were obnoxious and greedy about it. "There was no talk...but dig gold, wash gold, refine gold, load gold..." (John Smith).
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Mass. Economy

Massachusetts believes that everyone should be allowed, rich or poor. "We intend that our town shall be composed of forty families, and poor"( Articles of Agreement)/

Mass. Economy Cont.

There were fixed prices for items. "it is therefore that... [roces and wages be duly set at each of our General Courts annually"(Wage and Price Regulations).
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This all relates to our lives because in MBC, they didn't care if you were rich or poor. Everything would cost the same and people would be treated equally. Virginia, however, is not like our society today because they took social class into account when developing prices for the citizens. If you were poor, it would cost way more than if you were rich. This isn't fair for those who are poor.