Buenos Aires, Argentina

A Beloved Port City

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Tasty Treats and Delicate Drinks

Try some divine dishes that will surely light up your taste buds. Now, if you don't like bar-be-que you better start loving it, Portenos or port dwellers which residents of the city are, eat about 190 pounds a year of it. Or try something new for dinner, a plate of beef, french fries is regular meal during dinner, now for the adults you can have a cup of zesty red wine, which the wines of Argentina are considered the best in South America. Dying to try some native food and don't know what to get, you could always try some Sopa Paraguaya, which is corn bread made of corn, cheese, and eggs. On a stroll along, have a sip of brazilian holly tea called Yerba Mate , it's popular among many in the country. So on your next adventure into the city, try these native dishes, you should always try new things

You can always find this picture at http://guayaki.com/mate/130/Yerba-Mate.html and http://southamericanfood.about.com/od/breads/r/sopaparaguaya.htm

A history and culture to remember

Engage yourself in the history and culture of Buenos Aires. This city actually dates back to the year 1580, when Juan de Garay founded the city. The city is thriving at this very moment because when the spanish were still in control, citizens would smuggle goods away from the spanish to avoid their high prices, this city did not become the capital of Argentina until the year 1776. For school attenders wanting to know when they are going to be free for summer, you will go to school from march to november and you are released from classes on december and have summer break till february. On a sunday mornings, many people going to church are most likely going to a christian church, because the most popular religion in Argentina is christianity.

Basic Activities of Buenos Aires

If your going to have some fun, you might want to try these popular activities in Argentina. If your a person who wants to try new things, you should go to the theaters, Argentina is know for their Latin American films. Normally when you think of South America you might think of soccer, because many people believe that people in South America love to play soccer, and for some people that is true. Soccer is a popular sport to play in Argentina. If you don't like to run around on a field all day for soccer you could also try horse-back riding, it includes sports like polo which is like hockey but your on horses. Now for the teenagers and those who like to dance, the most popular dance in Buenos Aires is the tango, in fact it was created there. From November 10th to 17th the fantastic Gaucho festival is going on, for those who don't know what that is, it's what we in America call a rodeo. So I hope you try these activities so you can make your life more fun.
Argentine Tango

Tourist Traveling Spots

Please have a look at these fascinating historical sites, that provide entertainment and knowledge. For an inspirational place to visit you can go to the plaza de mayo, the uprising for independence was held here, but inside the glorious plaza de mayo, the once was spanish base called the cabildo is held here. The Cabildo is one of the last standing structure from colonial times. Another site to see is the Porque de la Memoria, which is the memorial for those who disappeared and were thought of being kidnapped by the government and ejected into the river from a helicopter, so this site might not be as inspirational as the Plaza de Mayo, but it is sure more moving and or touching. Along the river there is a wall with the names of the 9000 who disappeared. Be sure to check out these sites the next time you come to the capital of Argentina.

Living Languages

Try to intrigue yourself with the native accents and language. The main language of Buenos Aires, as you might of thought, is spanish, but even if you fluently speak the language you could still lose yourself in a conversation beacause of a hint of itallian accent, that was added after itallian settlers came to Argentina. You might also lose track of what someone is saying when talking in spanish in Argentina, because Citizens speak a little faster in spanish than some others do. You might not have to worry about picking up a textbook and learning a textbook if you don't know spanish, beause in this city and in the rest of Argentina the residents speak many languages such as german and english. If your like me and you only are fluent in English, need not worry, English is the second language in Argentina so many people will now what your talking about, when your talking. So now your prepared for how people in the city talk, and what you might have to learn.

High and Low the Temperature go

Even from snow to sweat Buenos Aires is always enjoyable. You should know that the lowest it has been in Argentina is negetive 3 degress and the highest is 120 degress farenhiet. The season of Buenos Aires are completly flipsided from the U.S, for instance summer in Argentina is winter in the United States, so dont where a coat in December. Ever been dry during a hot summer, well in Buenos Aires the most dry season is not summer, but winter and in the reigion the is very little snowfall. So be prepared for your vacation it might be eventful.



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