The Walking Dead

A continuing story of survival horror

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About The Walking Dead!

The walking dead is all about how normal people would react and change in a zombie apocolipse. It follows the main character Rick Grimes who was a police officer who was shot and went into a coma while the apocolipse started. He woke up dazed and confused after evryone died. He returned to his house to find his family gone. He then sets out to find them in the all of the chaos. The whole book is filled with truamatic life changing and gruesome events for the characters to endure including death.

Main characters:


Rick is the main character in this comic. He was a cop before the apocolipse and he was shot on duty. This started the book becuase he was put into a coma from the gunshot and he was asleep while everything was falling apart around him, without him even knowing. He needs to find his family and when he does the group their desides to make him the leader. They deside this becuase he was a cop and that he is a very fair man. He is kind and caring but also extremly protective of his group and his family.

How it relates to Greek mythology

In every greek mythology its starts out with a life changing or traumatic event that sends the "hero" on a quest. In the walking dead, Ricks bad evnt was being shot and put into the coma and sleeping through the begining of the apocolipse, and waking up and not knowing whats going on. His quest or journey that Rick goes on is to find his family in the zombie infested world. Also in greek mythology their are monster or demons, in the walking dead their are zombies to constantly fight

Review of The Walking Dead

These books are the most fantastic peices of literature even if you dont like comic books. I dont like comic books, but i love this book! I recomend this book to people who like alot of drama an to people who like gruesome fight, killing, and a whole lot of gore!

Where is the Governor?

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