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Everybody Sees the Ants by A. S. King

Key Parts, Mood, How Setting Affects the Plot

The most important place in the story is Vietnam. This story would not have a plot if it were not for the setting of Vietnam. That is where Lucky goes in his subconscious, trying to save his grandfather, Grandfather Harry, from being trapped in the POW camp. Once they break out of the prisoner camp though, they are in the Jungles of Vietnam for a very long time. The last place in Vietnam is a green marshy hill. The Utopian side of the adventure. The next setting that is important is the Freddy Community Pool in Philly. That is where he gets bullied a lot because Nader McMillan, the bully, is a lifeguard and gets to do what he wants. Everyone lives in fear. Basically this book is about fear and overcoming fear by the experiences around you. Lucky got bullied so badly one day that his mom "the squid" decided it was time to take a trip to Arizona.

Effects of the Setting on Lucky

The setting played a really important part on Lucky because was trying to get his grandfather out of a country, through a dream, during war. If the country had been at peace, it would've been a little easier. If Lucky had actually known where his grandfather was and could come and get his grandfather from Vietnam, that would've been hard but easier than what he was doing. But he couldn't. Did I mention the dreams were in a jungle? And it was raining frogs? Dreams can be a doorway to you subconscious but this was a portal almost. A portal into the past that included some imagination in it to describe real situations. In each dream portal, Grandfather Harry is missing a limb or two.

Details About When it Takes Place

This book is taken place in Post Vietnam War Times. I'm going to guess right after the war because the POW camps were still intact and the guards were still after the escaped prisoners. So I think that the year in the dreams is anywhere from 1976-1982.