All About Me

By: Ameera Ismaili

Who am I?

My name is Ameera Ismaili, I am a 15 year old girl who is in grade 10. I have two older sisters, and that makes me the youngest of the family. If I were to describe myself in two words, I would say: adventurous and kind-hearted. I love to travel to different cities and countries. I have traveled to 18 countries before turning 18. Another great thing about my personality is that I love helping people, and I am very friendly. Overall, I am unique because being normal is boring.

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My Life Line

My Favourite Things

Leadership style

The two well-developed leadership styles that I have are: visionary and coaching. Visionary means a person who has original ideas about what the future will or could be like. I am always thinking about the future and how it will be like. It's good to have this quality because you are more aware of what you are doing, and how it will affect the future. For example, what if you are fooling around and do something that will have a huge affect about what will happen tomorrow. Another leadership style that I have is I am good at coaching. This means that I am very good at helping someone whenever they need it. If someone does not understand something, then I will care and take time to explain to them so that they know what is going on. I work better when all the team members know what they are doing and how to do it. In my opinion I think it's better if the all the team members know what they are doing, because it gets the job done quicker!


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My friends have a huge influence on me because everything that I do mainly revolves around them. They usually have a good influence on me which is good because it makes me a better person. If I get a better mark than my friends then it makes me feel good about myself. But if they get a better mark than me, then it makes me want to work harder, and become better than them. This does not mean that I do not get happy when something good happens to them. I feel proud when we both accomplish at something! My friends are always there to motivate me to try my best, and try new things. I also tend to do the same to them, trying to be their motivation.
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This is one of my main external factor because, Beatrice Prior is a courageous, strong and brave person. The actress who plays Beatrice Prior, is Shailene Woodley. In the movie, Divergent, Beatrice faces many obstacles and problems, which are very dangerous and important. But she still manages a way to solve through the problems and find a solution. Beatrice Prior has influenced me by her strength, bravery and courage. She was very strong in this movie as she should it when she was being tested. Also she is brave because she took a huge risk to go to Dauntless. Beatrice Prior teaches me that nothing in the world will be easy, there will be a challenge everyday, and you are just going to have to learn about how you can accept it and move on. She also teaches me to be a brave person, because in life you should not focus on the little things but the big things.

Role Models

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In this picture I am with my two older sisters. I have one sister who is at University of Western right now studying Business, and my other sister is in grade 11. My sisters are my role models because they are both nice, intelligent, spontaneous and to me perfect! My sisters always try to provide a good example for me and they always do. If I ever need help I know that they are always there for me no matter what. They always motivate me try my best at everything I do. They are my role models, because they are the people that I want to be like when I am older. The meaning of a role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated. I look up to my sisters because they encourage me to always try my best and become a better person.

My Family

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My family always enjoys to spend time with one other. We cannot live one day from talking to one another. Our type of family is not the strict and traditional kind, we are the more lenient and the type that loves to socialize. We enjoy going on vacation together, and always end up having a great time. My family believes that it is important to do well and get a proper education, but also that its also okay to have fun in life. I am really happy about how our family is because I am never afraid to say anything to them. Some families might be different than us, and that's okay. Communication is never a problem in my family because we just can't stop talking to each other. I could not imagine my life without my family!

Quiz Results

My Blueprint:

I got 94% for social science, 78% for creative arts and 78% for physical education.

Multiple Intelligence:

I got for 91% for interpersonal, 91% for bodily/kinesthetic, 91% for visual/spatial, 81% for intrapersonal, 78% for verbal/linguistic, 75% for logical/mathematical, 56% for musical and 50% for natuaralist. Also my top three intelligences were interpersonal, visual/spatial and bodily/kinesthetic.

True colours:

I am part of the blue group.

Meyer-Briggs Personality Quiz:

I got protagonist

John Holland Cluster quiz result:

Introversion, sensing, feeling and judging

Right and Left Brain Quiz:

Right Brain: 58%, Left Brain: 53%


To me the test that was most accurate was my true colour test. My result was that I belonged in the blue group. Being blue meant that you were very social, and loved the company of others. You did not want to ever be alone, and you were always happy. This test was the most accurate because I do get really sad and mad if someone leaves me. It makes me feel lonely and miserable because I don’t have any friends. A lot of my friends do consider me as the hugger, and a caring person. I personally love making new friends and meeting different people. I will get along with anyone very easily.

The quizzes on my blueprint helped me determine about which career path I wanted to take. It gave me an idea of what kind of learner I am, and also which job would be suitable for me. It also let me understand what my strengths and weaknesses are. For example, I never knew that one of my strength is creative arts. I did not think of myself as a creative person. It really did surprise me when I saw the result. However I was not shocked about social science because I knew that I wanted my future job to relate about science. In fact I was happy that my number was really high for social science.

The test that was least helpful was the right brain or left brain test. I did not really understand what the purpose was for that test. It did not talk about my career at all, so it did not help much. I was expecting it to give me result that would maybe have an effect on the career that I was going to choose. Also my results were not something that I was expecting, I was looking forward to high numbers for my left and right brain. Overall, I was not happy with my results for the right and left brain test because it did not help at all with choosing my career or at least giving me an idea about which pathway I should take.

Four of my strengths are kind/soft-hearted, intelligent at science, visual learner and my leadership style is visionary. If someone needs help then I will care and take time to explain to them so that they know what is going on. It makes me feel good when I see other people happy. When I am in a group I always make sure that my teammates are satisfied with whatever we are doing. Another strength that I have is that I am good at the science subjects. On blueprint my score for social science was 94%. That makes me feel proud and good because for my future career I would like to do something related to science. One strength that I didn’t even know of is that I am a visual learner. When that result came, I was surprised at first because I never thought that I would be the person who would learn things by hands-on activities. An example would be of I am learning something in math, in order to help me learn I need to draw a diagram or picture. The last strength that I have is I am a visionary leader. This means that a person who has original ideas of how the will or could look like. I do like to think about things in a way so that it doesn’t have a huge effect for the future. For example, if I am making a big decision, before I finalize it I will think how this idea will affect the future, or if it doesn’t have an effect.

Four of my weaknesses are being a naturalist, a musician, having physical education and organization. I do not enjoy nature as much. I have absolutely no interest in insects and animals, and how they live and what they do. Another thing is that I am terrified by insects and animals, I cannot stand them. The only thing that I enjoy about nature is beautiful, colourful flowers. Another weakness that I have is becoming a musician. I don’t really have a musical side of me. I do enjoy listening to different types of music, but I don’t think I could ever write my own. Music does help me think sometimes and change my mood. Usually when I am upset I will just start listening a song to help me feel better. Exercising is something that I don’t do every day. That is because I am not really active and when I do feel like working out I get lazy. My last weakness is being organized. I am organized for school, I always come to class prepared with all my belongings. But I am not very good at making to-do lists for the stuff that I need. Overall, my results did surprise me a little bit, but I expected the rest. The results that surprised me were the leadership styles and the multiple intelligence quiz. I do not think of myself as a creative person, so it is very shocking to me that one of my highest intelligence is visual/spatial. The result that I was expecting for sure is true colours. I expected to be in the blue group because they are the huggers, and the kind, social people. That describes me very well!