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Week of January 11, 2021

Important Dates

1/5 Return to School

1/11 Monday is A cohort day

1/18 - MLK Day - NO School

1/19 - New AM/PM schedule begins

2/15-2/19 - President's Week - NO School

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Parent Resources for Talking to Children About Current Events

With twenty-four hour news coverage and devices in everyone's hands, it can be overwhelming to see so much unsettling news, and what feels like a constant state of unrest and uncertainty. Many parents are unsure how to talk their children about current events while simultaneously ensuring them that they should feel safe. I have previously linked resources from The Child Mind Institute, and have used them myself as a parent and educator. Below you will find two resources about how to respect feelings without empowering feelings and another on helping children cope with trauma.

If you need support, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here for you and our community.

Child Mind Institute - What to do (and not to do) when children are anxious

Child Mind Institute - Learning How to Help Kids Cope with Trauma

CDPH - Safe Schools for All Plan

Link to Summary

Link to the Science/Research used for the plan

On December 30, 2020, Governor Newsom made updates to the state's plan for returning to in-person instruction while prioritizing health and safety. "California's Safe Schools for All Plan provides the support and accountability to establish a clear path to minimize in-school transmissions and enable, first, a phased return to in-person instruction, and then ongoing safe in-person instruction."

There are two links above that will take you to the summary of this plan as well as the science and research they used to make decisions. The research includes several theories behind why children and young adults do not get COVID or when they do it is less severe.

This will not be the last update we see before we get control of this virus. I will continue to provide new information, updated scientific theories, and any changes as they come.

New Schedule on January 19th - reprint from December 18th

On January 19th, all TK-6th grade students will be on the AM/PM schedule. There were many factors involved when creating class lists to ensure transportation (busses), program needs, and class sizes were met. I recognize that this schedule change may create some difficulties for you, and I completely sympathize with that. Please know that there is very little wiggle room to make changes based on the factors above. If there is a high priority need, please complete this Schedule Change Request Form. We will do what we can to accommodate your request; however, we are unable to guarantee a change. Please do not email your request to the office; requests for change will only be reviewed if they are added to the form.

If you are curious about your child’s you can log into Aeries Parent Portal to see what schedule your child(ren) will be on. Please see the "Key" below to help. Click HERE for help locating your child's cohort in the Parent Portal.


AM = A

PM = B

Our school schedule for TK will remain the same. Below is the bell schedule for grades K-6:


AM: 8:25- 10:40

PM: 11:40-1:55

Tuesday- Friday:

AM: 8:25-11:10

PM: 12:10-2:55