Filippo Brunelleschi

The Architect of the Italian Renaisance


  • Born in 1377 in Florence, Italy
  • in 1399 he was a goldsmith in Pistoria
  • in 1404 he became a goldsmith in Florence
  • Apprenticed with Toscanelli
  • Master Goldsmith by 1404
  • Taught geometric laws and one point perspective
  • He was an architect
  • His patrons were the Medici
  • He was apart of Secularism because of his ideas outside the church's ideals
  • He was also apart of Individualism for his studies of ancient Rome and Greece

Florence Cathedral

  • finished in 1436
  • located in Santa Maria del Flore, Florence, Italy
  • This piece is significant because no one (other than Brunelleschi) could solve the problem with creating a safe dome. He use new techniques in the making of the dome, such as his theory on perspective.
  • The chapel dome is an oval egg shape and is constructed on bricks and white skeletal beams which support the dome. The dome is the icing on the cake, it was a statement piece for the Florentine people. It sent a message to the other cities saying "We are the best and have accomplished the unthinkable".
  • The "ism" that is directly liked with this piece is classism. This dome could not have been constructed with out Brunelleschi's studies of the Pantheon and other Greco/Roman buildings. It was through going back to the past that he accomplished something in the future.
  • I find the simple brink and white exterior very classic. I like the cross on top as well. I also think the little tower on top is very intricate and caps off the top nicely.
  • A link to find the pictures of the dome is|search|1|brunelleschi|Multiple20Collection20Search|||type3D3126kw3Dbrunelleschi26id3Dall26name3DAll20Collections

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