Ancient Greece

Boys and men in Athens

Boys from rich families were to improve their body's and minds. To improve their body's they had to run, jump, and fight. Only the boys were aloud to go to school. They went to primary school at ages 6-14, they finished school at age 16. When they are 18-20 they are required to take military training.

Girls and wemen in Athens

The women could not serve in any part of the cities government, or leave their homes except on special occasion. They also could not buy anything or own their own property, they could not disobey their husband or father. The women barley had any rights. The girls had no education, instead they l.earned household tasks.

Government and Greek Cities

Athenian government is called polis. It developed around the fifth century B.C. They were a democracy government. They voted citizens directly, they had to own land and not be a slave. The longest lasting leader was Pericles. They were known as the home of artists writers and philosophers.