Your Voice has Power

Write for Rights

Wednesday, Nov. 20th 2013 at 7pm

The International Room, Shults Center

Enjoy some cookies and coffee, while writing letters to protest human rights abuses worldwide.
From December 2nd to the 17th Amnesty International hosts the world's largest grassroots human rights event. With people all over the world writing, we will generate a tidal wave of letters, postcards, Tweets and awareness for the shared cause of protecting someone's human rights.
Stop by to learn more, participate, and relax a bit!

Amnesty International Club

Amnesty International is an independent, worldwide movement working impartially for the release of prisoners of conscience: those people detained because of their beliefs, race, sex, ethnic origin, language or religion-who have neither used nor advocated the use of violence. We also campaign for fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners and an end to torture and execution in all cases.

Amnesty International at Nazareth aims to educate the students, faculty, and staff of the college on these issues. It strives to promote not simply mere tolerance, but acceptance of our mutual diversities as human beings. Previous events have included movie nights, speakers, letter-writing campaigns, and volunteering.

We meet every Wednesday night at 7pm in Library Media B