Texas Revolution Battles

Anthony Rodriguez ~ 5th block ~ December 17 2014

battle of gonzalez

~1st battle of the texas revolution

~october 2, 1836

~Mexican troops retreat after attemptin to take the colonist canon

~this battle starts the texas revolution

the goliad massacre

~it was a massacre

~March 27, 1836

~over 300 rebellius prisoners

~they were exicuted by mexican forces

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the battle of san antonio de bexar

~texas forces surrenderd after 5 days of fighting

~october 12 - december 11 1835

~located in modern day san antonio

~mexico had 2x the people amd texas only had 600 soldiers

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battle of san jecinto

~last battle of the Texas revolution

~april 1836 ( did not have exact date )

~texas defeats mexico in this battle

~this battle only took 18 minutes

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battle of the Alamo

~ 189-250 texan defenders

~600 Mexicans were killed or wounded

~ feb. 23 ,1936 - March 6, 1836

~the Mexican general at the time was general Santa Anna

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battle of Refugio

~Third battle of the Goliad Campaign

~ Texans inflicted heavy casualties, but split their forces and retreated

~ About 50 Texans killed and 98 captured with some later executions, 29

~ March 14, 1836

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