Threats of Terrosim

By Ethan Marek and Danny Gordon

What impact does this have on Americans?

There has been a lot of trouble with kids and young adults showing signs that they support ISIS. Florida Times Union says, "A total of 56 Americans have been arrested in 2015, including teenage girls, petty criminals and college students." Lots of kids seem to be getting persuaded to join ISIS, and we the Americans can't let that happen. About 250 Americans have tried to reach ISIS to join their side of the fight. We need to stop American citizens from joining ISIS.

Don't Join ISIS

ISIS is a terrorist group that forces people to convert to the Islamic religion. Florida Time Union states, "There are more than 25,000 foreign fighters from more than 100 nations in ISIS. That includes about 5,000 European citizens." There's a lot of people joining ISIS, either forced into it or they decide to join. We need to stop these young people, especially the American people from joining ISIS. Terrorism is one of the worst actions you can do on this Earth. You're not helping ISIS by supported them, your hurting the world by supporting them.
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Credible- Website has facts from this year of 2016.

Accuracy- There's other sources the website used. They also used MLA formatting for their website.

Reliability- This site is suppose to inform us. There's lots of facts and information that the website is giving us about ISIS.

Relevance- The website was perfect for all the information we wanted.

Date- This website was published in 2016 when the war is still currently happening.

Sources- The website uses two other sources that are in MLA format. The other websites they've used are credible and they are informing articles.

Elibrary Resource

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