University of Pennsylvania

by Jessica Semblante

What Type of Education Do I Need? college and a doctorate

Available volunteer work

  • volunteer at hospital
  • will provide experience with patients
  • introduces me to the environment

School Information

  • location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • realated degrees: biomedical science, biology
  • Cost:
-Total cost: $64,200

-tuition and fees: $47,688

-Housing: $8,668

-Meals: $4,776

-Books: $1,220

-Personal: $1,848

  • How do I get in?
-common application

-2 academic essays

-school report

-SAT and 2 SAT Subject Tests or ACT plus Writing

-Midyear report

  • Enrollment and student/teacher ratio:
-6:1 student/teacher ratio

-24,640 students enrolled

Location Information

  • In Philadelphia
  • Fun things to do: "Terror behind the walls" haunted house
-oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the country

-fall festivals

-Independence Hall

-Liberty bell

-Tuttleman IMAX Theater

  • Weather: over course of the year, temperature ranges from 24-87 degrees
- Rarely lower than 12 degrees or higher than 94 degrees.

- Around 22.4 inches of snow per year

  • Geography: Near Deleware River
- vast, low and sandy plain,

-"Atlantic Coastal Plain" as it is called

-only 90 miles from New York City

Paying For College

  • How do I plan on paying for this?
-I need to keep in contact w/career center to get scholarships

-be active in College Dreams

-Get a job to put money away

  • FAFSA form completed Senior year of high school
  • GPA: 4.0
  • Scholarships I plan to apply for:
-Questbridge Program

-Josephine County Scholarship Foundation

-Any competitive scholarships that come up through College Dreams

Achieving Post High School Goals

  • My goals:
-Graduate from High School

-Get into a 4 year college

-Get into Medical School

-Become a Pediatrician

  • Classes I will take to achieve these goals:
-Basic Medical Skills (at GPHS)

-other medical classes offered

-AP courses/2+2 Credits

-Continue taking all honors/advanced classes