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Staff Information & Updates 03/23/15

From The Principal's Pen...

Family Nights like Open House, STEM Nights, and other family events are truly my favorite events of the school year! As an administrator, I have the distinct privilege of visiting ALL of the grade levels and classes, to see scholars interacting with their parents and believe is VERY powerful!

Our final family night of the school year is scheduled for May 14th. For the past few years, this night has been our springtime Family STEM event and it has been well-attended and very popular for all!

Our STEM Leadership team has been discussing this family night and brainstorming how we can continue to keep this event fresh for our families. The team has made some wonderful recommendations for ways to structure this upcoming family night. In an effort to ensure that there is adequate time dedicated to planning an event that aligns with our STEM vision, the team has recommended that we utilize the next four U.CAN meetings to prepare for this event. Isn't this a terrific idea?

I look forward to meeting with staff in the library on Monday, 3/23, @ 3:00 pm when we will share the plan for our next family event in May.

It's going to be ANOTHER great family night and I can't wait!

Proud to be your principal!

Tona :)


What are you colleagues saying? Here are two comments that were shared with me about Wednesday’s ELA training. Please ask Catha, Valerie, Alejandra, Jennifer and Deron about it because they all had great things to share.

"Reading workshop was amazing. Wonderful presenter!! She shared components of Readers Workshop with specific things to do. She shared about the classroom library, anchor charts and more. Not to mention, links to awesome resources. This was worth every minute! "

"One thing I'm looking forward to is the session on planning. It's one thing to have the desire to do a Reading Workshop with your students and it's an entirely different thing to do it. While I know I will enjoy Reading Workshop, I really have no idea how to effectively plan one. Really looking to that session on April 15."

Click on each session below to sign up for the remaining classes:

Session 2, April 1, 3:30-5:00 - Readers' Notebooks and Reading Logs

Session 3, April 15, 3:30-5:00 - Read Aloud with Accountable Talk AND Planning Mini-lessons for Workshop

Session 4, May 6, 3:30-5:00 - Writing about Reading and Conferring with Readers

Session 5, May 20, 3:30-5:00 - Sharing my Reading: Book Talks, Book Partners, Book Clubs


Who wants to shed a few pounds before we hit the beaches this summer ( or maybe just the pool?) Join the Cannon's STEM Stay Trim Exercise More) Weight Loss Challenge!

Bring Nurse Kendra your $20 dollar admission fee (cash please) and start working towards losing those pounds! We will do the challenge for 9 weeks total. At the end of the competition the top winner receives 70% of the money collected, 2nd place 20% and 3rd place 10%. The weight loss will be based on a percentage. The first weigh-in will be this Monday, March 23rd and the next weigh-in will be Friday, April 3rd, this gives every one 2 weeks to get a jump start, and weigh-ins will be every Friday until May 22nd and then the big winner will be announced. We will weigh in every Friday before school between 7:30 and 7:45 in the nurse's clinic on the same scale. (No one will see your weight except Nurse Kendra). You must have your money to participate in the first weigh in. If you miss a weigh-in (unless you are absent that day) you will be charged a $1 penalty. If you miss more than 2 weigh ins in a row you are disqualified and forfeit your money. We are getting serious this year!!

See you Monday at 7:30. Let Nurse Kendra know if you have any questions.


Dates to Remember

3/23 First day of 4th nine weeks

3/23 Fire Drill - 2:00 pm

3/23 Talent show - dress rehearsals


3/24 PLC Week B- Kinder 2:00-3:30

3/25 Report Card day

3/25 REAL School Garden Campus Interview 8:30 am

3/25 PLC Week B- 1st grade 2:00-3:30

3/26 Positive Proof ID's 10:00 am

3/26 PLC Week B - 2nd grade 2:00-3:30

3/26 Honor Flight Mail Call Letter Writing - 3:00-4:00 in cafeteria

3/27 Burleson ISD tours STEM @ Cannon 8:45 - 10:00

3/27 Talent Show 6:30-8:30 pm

3/30 3rd grade field trip to FWMSH

3/30 STAAR Writing Test - Day 1 - 4th grade

3/30 STEM Leadership 3:00

3/31 STAAR Writing - Day 2 - 4th grade; STAAR Reading - 5th grade

3/31 PLC Week A -5th grade 2:00-3:30

4/1 GCISD Kindess Day - Wear Rachel's Challenge T-Shirts!

4/1 PLC Week A-4th grade 2:00-3:30

4/1 ASPIRE Parent Information Meeting 6:00 pm library

4/2 PLC Week A - 3rd grade 2:00-3:00

4/3 Bad Weather Makeup Day

4/7 Brazosport ISD tours Cannon's STEM program

4/7 PLC Week B - Kinder - 2:00-3:30

4/7 GC Parent Dual Language meeting @ Cannon 6:00-7:00 pm

4/8 PLC Week B - 1st grade 2:00-3:30

4/9 PLC Week B - 2nd grade 2:00-3:30

4/10 Fire Drill 10:00 am

4/11 Grapevine Trash-Off 8:00-11:00

4/13 U.CAN 3:00-3:45

4/14 PLC Week A - 5th grade 2:00-3:30

4/15 GCISD Principals tour Cannon 8:00-11:30

4/15 PLC Week A - 4th grade 2:00-3:30

4/16 PLC Week A - 3rd grade 2:00-3:30

4/17 1st grade field trip to DFW Earth Day 2015

4/18 Rachel's Challenge Fun Run & Multi-Cultural Event

4/20 STAAR Math - 5th grade

4/21 STAAR Math 3rd & 4th grade

4/21 PLC Week B - Kinder 2:00-3:30

4/22 STAAR Reading 3rd & 4th; Science - 5th grade

4/22 PLC Week B - 1st grade 2:00-3:30

4/23 PLC Week B - 2nd grade 2:00-3:30

4/23 Kensley's Baby Shower 3:00 - library

4/27 HEB ISD tours Cannon's STEM program - 9:00-12:00

4/27 U.CAN - 3:00-3:45

4/28 PLC Week A - 5th grade 2:00-3:30

4/28 GCISD STEM College Fair - GHS 6:00 pm

4/29 PLC Week A - 4th grade 2:00 - 3:30

4/30 PLC Week A - 3rd grade 2:00-3:30

5/1 1st grade field trip to Dallas Arboretum


As a reminder, Irene will be hosting an after-school writing event for any K-5 scholar and their parents who might be interested in participating in the Honor Flight Mail Call letter writing activity on Thursday, March 26th. This will be a "Come & Go" writing session in the cafeteria for anyone who is interested. Patriotic paper, supplies and "inspiration" for ideas to include in the thank-you letters/cards will be provided. Please be sure to let Irene know if you are interested in helping with this event!

This information has been shared with parents through the weekly principal newsletter, but any help you can offer to promote this to your scholars and families is much appreciated. Parents have been asked to sign up their children using THIS LINK.

BIG THANKS to Irene for bringing forth this authentic writing connection for our school and for offering to host an after-school event to get scholars & parents involved!


All staff recently received an email from Human Resources to explain the transfer request process. Policy DK (local) states that an employee may request reassignment within the District to another position for which he or she is qualified. If an employee is interested in requesting a voluntary transfer to another campus,they should complete the Internal – Transfer and Reassignment Request job posting. This job posting will be available beginning Monday, March 2, 2015. Employees seeking to transfer to another campus are urged to fill out the transfer request application in a timely manner. The final day that transfers will be approved is June 5, 2015.

Directions for employees seeking a transfer within the district:

  • Apply online on the Human Resources Homepage
  • Select Careers for Internal Employees
  • Once logged in, select the Internal – Transfer and Reassignment Request job posting to apply

Once an employee has applied in the transfer pool, principals will have the opportunity to review this pool as they seek qualified candidates to fill vacant positions. Please express your desire to seek a transfer to your current principal in order to facilitate the process


  • STAFF MEETING AFTER SCHOOL ON MONDAY, 3/23- All professional staff will meet in the library on Monday, 3/23 at 3:00 pm. The plans for the next four sessions of U.CAN will be shared at this meeting. Additionally, information regarding lottery results and implications for 2015-2016 school year will be shared. Paraprofessionals are not required to attend, but are welcome!

  • PTA STAFF SURVEY EXTENDED THROUGH WEDNESDAY, 3/25- As a reminder, our PTA has created a short survey that they would like for all staff to complete. Thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the survey last week. If you did not complete the survey yet, please take a moment to do so by Wednesday, 3/25. Thank you for taking the time to show your support of our PTA and all that they do for our school! Click here to take the survey.

  • MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND THE TALENT SHOW ON FRIDAY! - Our Cannon Cubs will be showcasing their talent at the You've Got Talent Show on Friday 3/27. Over 50 students, Kinder - 5th grade, have signed up to participate. They would LOVE to see their teachers at the show - hope to see you there!!

  • NEW GOOGLE EMAIL & CALENDARS- As you know,the email switch was made over spring break to our new Google email & calendars. In case you have had any difficulties with this transition, be sure to check out the resources on the website created by our GCISD Tech Services team. They have compiled a great collection of Google help files, especially for Gmail and calendars. Click HERE to access this site.

  • GCISD KINDNESS DAY - APRIL 1st - GCISD will be celebrating KINDNESS DAY on Wednesday, April 1st. Please plan to wear any Rachel's Challenge T-shirt you have (with jeans of course!) and encourage your scholars to do the same! The Communications Department will be posting photos throughout the day on the website and social media - so please email photos of your students in their shirts to on this date.

  • CHECK OUT THESE FUN GRAPEVINE SPRING 2015 EVENTS - Each spring, Grapevine hosts some awesome family events. Keep Grapevine Beautiful will host:

  1. Don't Mess With Texas Trash-Off on April 11th from 8-noon. Community volunteers go throughout Grapevine to collect trash and recycling from parks and roadways. Awards are given out for largest group, most bags collects, and strangest item found. Please let Tona know if you are interested in joining a campus group, including parents and scholars.
  2. You will want to make sure to promote another spring event to your families...the 2015 EPIC Earth Day event. This is held at the Botanical Gardens in conjunction with Spring into Nash and the Grapevine Garden Club's Spring Plant Sale. The event is family friendly and focuses on earth-friendly goods and services. They will have vendors, a Kids' Zone with activities and face painting, an alternative transportation demonstration, and a Recycling Rally sponsored by Verizon.
  3. Finally, please note that the organizers of these events have specifically reached out to Cannon and offered to come out to our school and talk to your staff, teachers, and students about ways to keep Grapevine cleaner, greener, and more beautiful. Please let me know of any ideas you have! Thanks!!


  • Do attendance online between 9:45- 10:15 each day.
  • Attend staff meeting in the library on Monday, 3/23 @ 3:00
  • Let Irene know if you want to help with the Honor Flight Mail Call and promote to your scholars and parents
  • Real School Garden Team members meet on Wednesday @ 8:20 in library for interview. GO TEAM GO!!
  • Be prepared for classroom visits from our Burleson ISD guests!
  • Make plans to attend the Talent Show on Friday Night! 6:30 p.m.
  • Let Tona know if you are interested in being part of the Cannon Texas Trash-off team
  • Tweet & blog about all of the great things you are doing in your classroom/grade!