Stephen F. Austin

Privlages of coming to TEXAS

  • If you come to texas coming out of mexico, and u have depth to pay, all your dept will be forgivin and you get to start fresh!
  • you get more land if your mexican,and you get to pick your own land
  • If you have a family and come to texas you will get more land,and if you dont have a family come here to find pretty women to start a family


Come to texas

Texas is a wonderful land full of great people. We offer great veriaties of land plus farming grounds. If your coming out of mexico and your in depth, we'll erase it for good and you'll get to start fresh. And the greatest thing about are land here is that if you have a family you will get more land,so come on down to texas you wont regrett it

we are texas

"Hi ths is Stephen F. Austin speaking, and i want you to come to texas. we have great land,wild life,water,soil,farming lands, and so much more. Coming to texas is a chance for a new life and new possibilities