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Let Eternal Rest Funeral Home take care of you and your loved one.

The death of a loved one is never easy. When people experience loss, they need a strong support network to provide comfort and offer assistance during this difficult time. Eternal Rest Funeral Home has been serving the Attica area for more than 10 years. The caring and experienced professionals at Eternal Rest are here to support you through this challenging time.

Individual factors and challenges when planning a funeral

  • Prearranging is an excellent time for families to discuss and make objective decisions calmly and rationally together, away from the pressure and stress that often occur at the time of sadness and loss.
  • Decide if there are going to be any other funeral events such as a viewing or a visitation.
  • Decide if there are going to be any certain personal touches to the funeral such as songs to be sang or readings to be read.

Family factors and challenges when planning a funeral

  • Loved ones can struggle with the thought of having to plan a funeral of their loved one, but at Eternal Rest comfort is provided in this difficult time.
  • Having one person, the next of kin making the final decisions for the funeral makes everything easier for both the family and the funeral home.

Cultural factors and challenges when planning a funeral

  • We will perform embalming of your loved one. "Embalming is the replacement of normal body fluids with preserving chemicals" (Leming & Dickinson, 2011, pg. 344).
  • Cremation, preferred among Buddhists and Hindus, is offered at Eternal Rest.
  • Earth burial, which is the dominate practice in the United States, is also offered at Eternal Rest.
  • We also invite the officiator of your choice to officiate the funeral.

Economic factors and challenges when planning a funeral

  • The average cost of a funeral for an adult in the United States is about $6,199 (Leming & Dickinson, 2011, pg. 385).
  • Since the cost of a funeral is so high, about half of all deaths in the United States involve cremation

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