Trident Gum

By: Sebastian Santoyo

How is Trident Gum related to Greek Mythology?

A trident was said to be a weapon used by Greek God of Sea, Poseidon. Poseidon used many weapons when he went on war, but his favorite weapon was a trident weapon. To show how much Poseidon liked this weapon, Poseidon made a symbol in Paxos Island, Greece. The symbol depicted a trident weapon in the center of the circle, and two dolphins in the right and the left side, symbolizing he was the Greek God Of Sea.

Who created Trident?

Trident's History

In the 1960's, Mondelez International Company introduced Trident a sugar-less chewing gum. It instantly became famous all over the world. From the United States to the United KIngdom, to Costa Rica, Australia, Greece, Lebanon, Guyana, Spain, Mexico, Algeria, etc. Pretty much everywhere people were chewing this gum. Part of the reason this happened was because it was actually the first national brand of sugar-free gum in the United States. Trident got its name from three enzymes that promote dental health. Trident was actually scientifically proven to promote dental health. The Company decided to boast about this and "Five out of four dentists surveyed recommended sugar-less gum for patients who chew gum.", became their new slogan. The Mondelez International Company is still successful to this day and they continue to sell their sugar-less gum.