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February 10, Newsletter

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A Personal Note from Rhonda

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Dear Ones,

I am here with my sister as she heals from her open heart surgery. How amazing it is that what contributed to my Dad’a passing can now be repaired to give my sister a chance for an extended timeline with greater quality of life!

At this same time I am with my sister, one of my dear friend’s mom back home is in her final days. I remember the odd feeling when both of my parents had passed that even though I was an adult I felt orphaned. I wish I could be there to walk this part of the journey with her and her mom, just holding the place for love as she transitions. Instead I stretch to accept that I can only be in another place holding her kite-string from afar trusting that all is as it should be.

As I spend time here having chosen to put so many things on hold in order to serve my sister, the benefit is that it offers time for reflection and pondering the things that are of true importance to me. It has given me more time than usual to flip through inspiration that comes my way through Facebook and assorted other places. These brief treasures as words, articles and artwork remind me that we are not alone as we traverse the uncertain mysteries of life as a human. We all are pondering and attempting to clarify our gifts and callings… our place in the vast multiverse. It is wonderful to know I am in good company.

Rather than say much more, I will invite you to pull up a chair and sit next to me in this pondering process. Each of these inspirations have touched my heart in some way. I suspect they will touch yours, too.


Enjoy…in joy,


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