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Week beginning 14th January

Reading Goals

Happy New Year and welcome back to school.
Last week, in the LC week we were talking about reading goals. I have been encouraging those children in Years 3 to 6 to think about setting their own goals for 2013. I have suggested that 40 books is the minimum amount that the children should be aiming to read in a year however most children have challenged themselves and want to read many more. Talk to your child and find out what their reading goal for the year is. Keep chatting with them and keep encouraging them to strive to achieve it.

Replacement fees

We realise that sometimes children have accidents; books get damaged or simply disappear. In order to cover any accidental loses we do charge $150 per book. This may seem a considerable amount of money but we are not just covering the cost of the book. The $150 covers the book, any postage and packaging, any exchange fees, labels, bar codes and plastic used to extend the book's life.
We encourage our children to be responsible and would much rather they came and told us if there has been an accident than hiding the book back on the shelf or getting you to call us.
The good news is that if you thought a book was lost, and you then find it, we are happy to reimburse you. Just send the book back with your child and we will return the cash.

The Unforgotten Coat

Frank Cottrell Boyce has created an excellent story out of the inspiration he received from a real life story that happened at The Joan of Arc Primary School. This book has a slight pinch of comedy, a teaspoon of mystery and a whole flagon of brilliance.
A must read for years 4, 5 and 6 upwards.

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