The Weekly Roar

September 12, 2020

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Dear La Ballona Lion Families,

Thank you everyone for the newsletter suggestions. I hope you enjoy our new La Ballona newsletter, The Weekly Roar. We'll include all information for families and our school community. If you'd like to post information in our newsletter, please email me with pictures, videos, and text.


Dr. Becky Godbey

Absences and Student Attendance Update

My child logged on late to his Zoom class. Will he be marked tardy or absent? What happens if my child logs on to his Zoom class, but doesn’t pay attention? I know my child is understanding her coursework and completing her assignments, but I don’t think she’s participating much in her online classes. Does this affect attendance during distance learning?

These and many other important questions about attendance and student engagement were explored during this week’s School Board meeting. CCUSD School and Family Services Coordinator Dr. Kim Indelicato presented the district’s new approach to attendance and student engagement while students are in full distance learning, including definitions and examples of unexcused absences, excused absences, being present and minimally engaged and being present and engaged.

This presentation is critically important for parents to watch. Some of the information may surprise you. Please view the short video presentation below.

It's Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month!

National Hispanic Heritage Month traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. Your children will learn about the many contributions of Latinx/Hispanic folks during this time period, and throughout the remainder of the school year. The contributions our Latinx/Hispanic folks are vast and influential. As we all continue our path towards ensuring equity here at La Ballona, and broader, it's important to celebrate, honor, and value our Latinx/Hispanic community.

Why are you PROUD to be a Latinx or Hispanic? Send a short video and we'll post in it this newsletter or our website. Send to

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Please Join Our PTA

The La Ballona PTA needs you! Being a member of the PTA is one of the best ways a parent or guardian can be informed on what goes on at La Ballona Elementary School. Being a member also allows you to vote at all La Ballona Elementary PTA meetings. Be involved and have a say at what goes on at our school! Being a member does not require you to volunteer or attend meetings, but we always appreciate extra company! Please join our PTA!

Here are two ways to sign up.


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