Project 1 summary

Iphone Dock

Project: Makerbot

software used: makeware

Machine used: makerbot



I decided to make a Iphone dock because i plan on using it at night when i charge my phone and also can use it if i plan on watching something on it. Others who are looking for a new Iphone dock can use this as well for the basic needs of having something to put their iphone 6 onto.


in this project i faced a few diffeent issues, after my dock finaly printed out it turns out th bottem didnt mold correctly so i had to try and clean it. Also it turn out that the hole for the charger was to small.


In this project i learned how the makerbotworks. I learned how difficult it is forthe machine to create a model completely correct and i learned how ro adjust the designs in the makeware program.
Big image
heres the final rodct of the dock, al cleanly cut and ready to use.