The Watsons Go To Birmingham

1963 travelers called the Wierd Watsons go to Birmingham

A family of five, the Watsons, go to Birmingham from Flint, Michigan.

One cold winter night, the family of five are huddled together trying to keep warm when Wilona, the mother, decides along with her husband, Daniel, that they are going to take a road trip.

From Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama

The Old Bomber, the Watson's station wagon, was the vehicle that took them to Flint. The driver was of course the father of the family. The one who had everything planned was the mother and the three kids were the ones sitting in the back listening to the new music player that was installed by Daniel Watson before they left. " What a trip! Kenny, the middle child said, "We had a few adventures in the car, on our way over, while we were there, and while we were coming home!"

The Watson Crew

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