Internet Safety

Better Safe Than Sorry

I chose Internet Safety because it is a problem in the real world and it needs to be fixed. Internet Safety is when you or someone post personal information and someone can find out about the information. Sometimes People put things on the internet on accident and other users of the website can see that person's personal information. So if you do have some account on some website make sure you set your privacy setting to private.

6 Tips To Internet Safety

· Don’t give out any of your personal or anyone’s information without that persons permission.

· Don’t post any photos or tag someone when they told you already not to post or tag them.

· Don’t agree to meet someone online if you don’t know them.

· When you create an account dot not use your last name or date of birth

· Before you download a software or open an email check with your parents to see if it’s okay.

· Don’t send or respond to an insulting message or email.