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April 2014 Newsletter


  • April 15: Last day to earn Ready, Set, Sell and purchase your add on kit!
  • April 16: The summer enrollment kits are available for new recruits! They can chose between two kits this summer!! Pink or Turquoise?!!
  • April 22: Kick off the summer sales season with Cindy! Join her at 9 p.m. EST for tips and tricks to help grow your business this summer.
  • April 30: Last day to earn conference bucks and last day to order from the spring catalog.


  • May 1: Summer Catalog launches
  • May 7-22: Registration to attend June C&C

Spotlight Diva of the Month: Staci Miller Joined 31: March 2013

Staci submits just under $2,000 on average each month! She is a selling super star and this months spotlight diva!

1. If you were a super hero, what super power would you want and why?

Spiderman! I would love to be able to help people out. I also am a person when a ambulance goes by or fire truck I want to know what happened or is going on. J If I was Spiderman I could find out!

2. What talents do you have?


3. What is the most daring thing you have every done?

I would say this most daring thing I have done was buy a House J It was very scary to take that step!

4. What is your all time favorite movie?

Love Sweet Home Alabama!

5. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Depends on what it is.. Vanilla ice cream…Chocolate Cake…

6. Mountains or Beaches (or best vacation ever)?


7. Favorite Sport: Do you watch or participate or both?

Rodeo to participate and Football to watch

8. Favorite Thirty-One product and print. If you own the product, what do you use it for?

Suite Success Tote in Big Dot… It is my school bag! I love how much it fits and it is such a nice big bag that hold everything I need!

9. What is one of your current short term goals including the target completion date?

My Current Goal is to Reach Ready Set Sell Level 2! My End Date is April 15!

10. What are your hobbies?

Love to be with family, roping, hanging with friends, working outside on my house yard and garden.

Dream Builders

I had the honor of adding Kesha Kirchhoff to our team! Welcome Kesha!!

March stats:

Staci Miller: $1,973
Jen Guerrero: $1,836.50
Kristi Tate: $1,186.50



Jen Guerrero: 3

Melissa Edmonds: 2

Kristi Tate: 2

Monisa Mooney: 2

Team Stats


1 team members

20 parties

My Stats


1 recruit

3 parties

*only PV >$1000 will be recognized.

Conference Bucks: (# of stars earned so far)
Jacque McShane 10
Sonia Smith 9
Brandy Bourgeois 8

Staci Miller 8

Kristi Tate 7

Monisa Mooney 7

Melissa Edmonds 7

Jen Guerrero 7

Jeannine Rousse 6

Lindsay Machado 6

Michelle Jacobs 6

Laura Pepper 4

Haleyxa Dicket 3

Christine Whelan 2

Amanda Faber 2

Amanda Barry 2

Kesha Kirchhoff 2

Kristine Macabare 2

Barb Rabuck 2

Lisa Greig 1

Veronica Miller 1

StartSwell Earners:

Level 1 earners:

  • Kristi Tate

Level 2 earners:

  • SoNia Smith

Ready, Set, Sell earners: To be announced next month!