Flowers for Algernon

By: Kyle Toth


This book is about a man named Charlie Gordon who has been mentally challenged his whole life. He works at a bakery for a little more then change, he only gets eleven dollars a week, and takes classes at night to help him read and write so he could be smarter, something he has wanted his whole life. When he is offered a surgery that has never been done on humans before, he finds life is getting more complicated rather then better the smarter he gets. When he realizes the laboratory rat Algernon is dieing he struggles to find the answers before time runs out.

Charlie Gordon

Charlie is a thirty-two year old man with metal disabilities, he works at a bakery and makes little money. He doesn't know where any of his family is and the only family member he knew passed away, Uncle Hermen.


The theme of the story is a man who wants to be smart and normal like everyone else he knows.

Textual Evidence

The quote that hit me most in the book was: "Professer Newmor said why did you want to read and spell in the first place?, I told him because all my life I wanted to be smart and not dumb and my mom always told me to try and learn just like Mrs. Kinnen told me." Pg. 4 This is most meangingful to me because when he finally meets his mom and he is talking to his sister, his mom is so mentally absent the tables are completely turned around.

Book Review

I give this book a 3, because I could barely read any of the book in the beginning, I didn't like the overall theme of the book, and I hated the ending because of how unfortunate and sad it was.
Flowers for Algernon (Book Trailer)

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