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Week 3 Newsletter

Time is Flying!

Time is passing us by quickly as we enter into our third and final week of our program. Don't worry though, we still have lots to learn, build, create, and perform! We can't wait to share it all with you when you come for our closing ceremony on August 3rd.

What Did We Learn This Week?

"I have many activities, but my favorite class is Speaking, Writing, and Empowering because we played a lot of fun activities like Think Talk, Ball Conversation, and so much more!" - Kaitlin

"In Time Travel, I found the concept of exotic matter fascinating due to its negative mass and the fact that it repels all normal matter." - Quinn

"In Bioengineering, I found out that there is a mixture of a pineapple and a strawberry called a pineberry." -Sophia

"In Algebra, I learned about converting regular measurement and baking measurement. During Speaking and Writing, we have been learning about parts of speech and writing a lot." - Caroline

"In DNA, I learned that three bases in DNA makes a complete amino acid." - Ayah

"In Time Travel, I learned about white holes which is the opposite of black holes in that they have the opposite effect on space time. They are theoretically nonexistent and have never been detected, but they are a mathematical solution to the same equation to which black holes are the solution of." - Oscar

Wham! Bam! Pow! So Many Activities for All!

On Monday, students were given extra time to bond with their counselor groups. Counselors planned special activities for their students, such as decorating picture frames or playing board games. This time helped our students to grow closer together as one group.

Wacky Wednesday brought a whole new set of challenges and obstacles in SIG's version of Capture the Flag! Students enjoyed working together to develop strategies to capture the other team's flag.

On Thursday, the spotlight was on the staff as we performed in the Staff Talent Show! Counselors, residential assistants, and even deans sang, danced, and acted on stage. Students were very impressed when they found out the various hidden talents of their counselors.

Saturday was a big day that you may have already heard about. Students attended a field trip to Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts! Our campers could be seen in their bright red T-shirts riding the amusement park's roller coasters, water slides, and the classic hand-carved horse Carousel. This was absolutely a day that will not soon be forgotten. Some students even won memorabilia at the park's games to help them to remember it forever!

Last night, we were blown away by the talents of your children! Check out the several pictures that we took of your students performing in the Student Talent Show!

Thank You for Coming to Visit!

On Sunday, July 28, several parents visited their students. Parents received the opportunity to meet with instructors and view the work that students have completed thus far in the program.

You're Invited to our Closing Ceremony!

Saturday, Aug. 3rd 2013 at 9-10:30am

College Street

Amherst, MA

Please join us for our closing ceremony in Buckley Recital Hall where there will be student speeches, special awards, and a slideshow of our time here at SIG. All students will also receive their program completion certificates. Following the ceremony, it is important that you stop by the nurse to pick up any medications, check the lost and found, and gather your student and belongings before departing camp by 1 PM.

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