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my love poems

This love is a tendar and delicate love. wonder who im talking about? This love was going to

blossom at the start of it. It was an attraction the second they met. The only thing that can

stop you isn't the obstacles placed in front of you, not the difficulty of the sitiuation, it is the

person you have to stare down in the mirror each day. Yet still wondering who it is, or the

significance of what i just said. These two lovers loved each other whole heartedly but didnt

have the courage to speak up. If you love something you have to pursue it. If something is

worth it, you have to make it worth wild. Loving and caring for someone and aching to

know if they feel even remotely the same. Always fight for two things, whats right, and

whats worth it. What couple could i be possible talking about. The shy but strong love of

Jane and mr. Bingley

my love poems

They have the strongest love any couple can have. to push love somewhere that is has

never been before. Finally getting them to realize that love has no boundaries. getting

them to see that love does not have any standards. love does not choose it's victim, time or

place. To be on the same planet but different places. To walk the same path but have on

different shoes. To be in the same building but have different views. Having opposites

attract. Having to be so close but yet so far, the ups and downs having an emotional

roller coaster. Their love shows you to not judge a book by its cover. Their love shows

you that love has no standards, love is not ashamed, love is not prideful. Love can bring

together the most opposing of people. There is only one love that can compare. There is

only one love that can be aquainted. That is the love of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

Realtionship Analysis

for my relationship analysis i chose that of Elziabeth and Mr. Darcy

The relationshp started off between the two at a rough start. Mr Darcy would not give Elizabeth the time day. Elizabeth presumed him to be very rude and arogant. It had a rough start

The couple had to go through a great amount of obstacles. Darcy almost convince Bingley to not marry Elizabeth's sister Jane. Elziabeth thought that was very wrong and horrible for him to do. Elizabeth had to face the wrath of Darcy's aunt telling her to never be aquainted with Darcy again, he is going to be engaged with someone else. They had to go through a great ordeal of obstacles throughout the whole book.

Elizabeth and Darcy ended up getting married through everything they had to go through. All the ups and downs and through it all love prevailed through it all.

I believe that in twenty years this couple will not change one bit. their love for each other will not fall, break, or bend. they are absolutely made for each other.