Creative Book Builder

Create, edit and publish ebooks in the classroom

Using Creative Book Builder in the classroom

  • Publishing tool for project-based learning.
  • Summative assessment at the end of a unit.
  • Group tasks.
  • Student centred learning.
  • Students can embed images, audio files, video files, and write text.
  • The advantage of an epub document over a PDF document is that all of the media will be preserved and available for readers to interact with when the final product is published.


  • Interactive books that include:
  • Written text
  • Video
  • hyperlinks
  • QI codes
  • Podcasts
  • Interactive questions and answers
  • Share with others using iBooks

Curriculum Focus


  • Talking & Listening tool for ESL students. Create an 'all about me' eBook using English/own language text, video or podcast in their own language, links to translation websites for classmates to use.
  • Design an eBook to teach others about a topic.
  • Create a narrative with a video or audio narration, include illustrations, photos acted out by students, hyperlinks/QI codes linked to websites.
  • Persuasive Writing - Use CBB features to build topic knowledge, links to supporting websites, demonstrate active and passive voice, peer assessment rubric using Q & A feature.


  • Write text for solving problems using different strategies and embed video of themselves using each strategy.
  • Explain types of 2D/3D shapes in text, classify types of shapes in real world situations by using embedded photos of shapes taken by students. Student create shape quiz to test peers.
  • Write the order of operations in text, embed a video of a student demonstrating how to solve an equation using a whiteboard.
  • Students use video to record self reflection on strategies used during maths activities.