May Issue 2021

Coordinator's Corner

Communication - Collaboration - Problem-Solving - Confidence - Decisiveness - Ability to Execute

If you've attended any of the MNCAPS presentations we provide, these skills are a constant visual element as we explain our program. These skills, provided by industry leaders, help shape the professional development and experiential learning experiences for our students. We aim to integrate them as much as possible so students have a chance to sharpen their skills as they prepare for the transition to the next chapter of their lives. Due to the circumstances 2020-2021, we had no choice but to model these skills to our students on a daily basis. Did we earn an "Exemplar" rating for each of the categories? Absolutely not! But unlike most educational experiences, we modeled "failure" for our students. We were honest and transparent about the mistakes we made. We acknowledged "failure"; we understood our "failures", and we discussed how to prevent these "failures" from occurring again. While many of the experiential learning opportunities were stripped from the student experience, due to COVID-19, I am proud of our program for the courage it takes to model "failure" to our students.

As we look ahead to the 2021-2022 school year, I invite stakeholders to provide some direction as we return to "normal". If you could take 1-2 minutes to answer the following questions:

1. What is one subject/topic that high schools need to teach? (That they do not currently cover.)

2. What is one skill you believe is essential before graduating high school?

Please click HERE to answer those questions!

May MNCAPS Mentor Moment - Planning for the future and where do we go from here?

THANK YOU to ALL of the MENTORS that encouraged and supported students throughout this school year. Our program experience wouldn't be the same without you!

May's Theme: Where Do We Go From Here?

Sample Student Questions

1. What have you enjoyed about being a MNCAPS program mentor?

2. How could I have managed our relationship differently to make it work more smoothly for you?

3. As we close out our official mentor relationship, do you have any big picture advice for me?

4. Are you open to additional contact from me in the future?

Teacher Appreciation Day / Week - Thank you to our amazing group of teachers for delivering an incredible learning experience for our students!

Big picture

CNA Signing Day! Inaugural Event at both Farmington and Prior Lake High Schools

Education Pathway - Senior Capstone Project Presentations

Our 12th graders in the Education Pathway presented their capstone projects to their classmates and Mr. Berg - Superintendent of Farmington Area Public Schools and Dr. Staloch - Superintendent of Prior Lake - Savage Area Schools. Future Educators - the future looks bright!

Foundations of Business - Shark Tank

Semester 2 for the Foundations of Business Students culminated in our annual Shark Tank competition. Students prepare to compete for the coveted Shark Tank Trophy! We are so grateful to all the Shark Tank Judges that are a part of our MNCAPS community, who make this 2-day event successful.

Shark Tank Presentation - Assessed Criterion


The idea is clear and well researched. The market is worth pursuing. Data is utilized to support assumptions. A clear, concise value proposition is stated.


The business model is clear. Key activities are identified and organization is outlined. Key suppliers are identified. The distribution plan is clear. Business profitability is understood. Revenues and costs have been modeled. Financials are well-constructed and effectively assessed.


The Pitch was effective. The story was clearly and confidently presented. The team worked well together.

Visuals supported the overall message and explained (or punctuated) important points. The team capably responded to questions.

Guest Instructor - Tim Smith of Electroline Sales

Tim Smith of Electroline Sales spoke with Foundations of Business students about his sales philosophy ingredients of Sincerity, Persistence, Empathy, and Conviction. He helped students prepare for their Shark Tank pitches and fielded some wonderful questions from students looking to impress the sharks!

2021 Bush Foundation Conference: Student-Centered Learning for Equity 2021, Learning from Disruption Healing Forward.

Staff from MNCAPS attended this conference. Here educators, administrators, community partners and organizations dedicated to reimagining education gather to share ideas and experiences. This conference has reinforced the importance of the student-centered work we do at MNCAPS and the impact community partnerships can make both on students and on communities.