Annika Sorenstam

By Timber

About Annika

Born: October 9, 1970

Place born: Stockholm, Sweden

Married to: Mike McGee

Has 2 kids: Ava and William

All about Annika Sorenstam!!!

Annika won a major championship in golf. She won most of the trophies. In 1987, she became a member of the junior golf team. She wanted to try to compete against the men. Her parents are very strong athletes. Her sister follows after her by being a golfer but her sister is not a professional golfer like her. When Annika was a kid she likes to play tennis she never played golf. But sometimes she watched her dad play golf. At age 12 she began golfing at first she thought it was kind of boring but then she kept on doing it and she thought it was kind of fun. Her other favorite sports are ski scrapping and Volley ball. She also got added to the greatest women golfers in the world. To make her a better athlete she did thousand sit-ups a day. She also played a game of golf with the men to challenge her. I bet you won’t believe this she won out of all of them. It was amazing.

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