The Corruption of Power

Kelly Croft


Corruption of Power

The corruption of power is both portrayed in our world today and the novel Animal Farm. There are many cases in the novel when power lead to corruption and bad choices of the leader, such as Mr. Jones, and Napoleon. There are many examples in the world today and in history, like Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

In the novel Animal Farm, corruption of power is reflected in Napoleon. Napoleon takes over the farm after both Mr. Jones and Snowball are gone from the farm. Napoleon would break his own rules, like “no animal shall be allowed to drink”; Napoleon suffers from the side effects from drinking and being drunk. He also takes the hens eggs away from them to sell, using his power to overrule everything and do what he wants. The corruption of power in the novel is napoleon because he uses his power to put others down and bring himself up, no matter what pain he puts others in.

Corruption of power is reflected in many countries today as well. One example of corruption of power is Kim Jong Un in North Korea. He is a fascist dictator and has no empathy towards others similar to napoleon in animal farm. Kim Jong Un revoked the privilege of cell phones and the internet from citizens. Any Citizen that tries to escape is automatically executed; many human rights are violated in North Korea. People are forced to grow crops to feed the military, so many people are starving and many people are joining the military to get food for their families.

The only solution to a fascist dictator like this is for the citizens and the military to revolt to terrible conditions like that. Similar to what happened in the American Revolution. Many people felt like their rights were being taken away from them so they rose up against the power and gained their freedom. Citizens will have to revolt against these terrible conditions and take down the power.

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Kim Jong Un and Napoleon are very similar to each other. In the book Animal Farm, Napoleon takes the hen's eggs to sell to get money,very similar things happen in life today in North Korea. North Koreans are forced to grow crops which are taken away from them to benefit the military. Everyone puts Kim Jong Un's needs in front of their's, he lives in the lap of luxury. Similar to Napoleon, Napoleon had been given special treatment by not obeying the law that he created when he drank alcohol when no animal was allowed to. It is cray to think that this is still happening in our world today. Revolution and hope is the only way to solve it.