Performance Final

All S'mores

S'more #1: Media Literacy!

I think that the media is a excellent way of communication; it has helped the world society develop in impacting ways. Thanks to the media a person from across the world can communicate with an American in a split second. Modern world media such as the Internet has and always will help human society, by making our lives easier for example: people don’t go much to the store anymore, thanks to the Internet you can just order what you need from your house. I believe a “media literate” person is someone who knows how to operate these devices like phones, and computers. While the media has helped modern day society it has also caused some conflicts, bullying is one of the biggest kids now days are using the media to abuse one another and it has become a growing problem since 1998. Also we may not know what kids do in computers or on their smart phones, yes they might be good kids but the internet is enormous and it opens a lot of doors for temptation, curiosity is the main caused that kids now days get in trouble thanks to the media. Last year a woman was murdered by some psychopath, she met tis man threw e-harmony, well they decided to meet up when she saw the guy police say he grabbed her drugged her, then raped and killed her. Yes the media is great but you must know how to control it because it can cause tragedies among our loved ones or maybe people that’re just closed to us.

S'more #2: V for Vendetta

The speech given by V in V for Vendetta, (2005) by James McTeigue, V suggest that there is something terribly wrong with the government, ( There is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there?),(2), he states this in this quote because he is actually saying that there is something wrong with the government. He explains how this is by pointing out the problem, shows in this statement (where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting submission),(2), he then states who is at fault by saying (looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.),(3), he sates in this that it may be the people to blame themselves, and lastly he calls for a plane of action from the people by asking (then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of parliament, and together we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, ever be forgot.), (4), so asks the people to join him and help him change the way things are. V uses present events that are happening in the county (censors and system of surveillance) to prove that there is something wrong with the government in order to make a change for the better (“promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent”), (3). V’s audience is the whole of London and other societies because he is addressing every citizen and offering a way for them to fix the government they let get corrupted and uses everything that is going on around them to turn it into momentum for the people to stop the government themselves.

S'more #3: Macbeth Hero

Part I: Macbeth.

I believe Macbeth was a flawed hero, because he wasn't trying to be a hero nor a good guy. He saw that there was something wrong with Duncan's monarchy, so he decided to kill him to put an end to his dystopia ruling. Macbeth had too much confidence on the witches prophecies and he truly believed he was almost immortal. His flaw was his ambition to be in power, Macbeth would do whatever it took him to be in power. He died in battle when Malcolm and his army raided the palace Malcolm decapitated Macbeth. Macbeth's death symbolized how he went mad do to his anxiety.

Part II: Divergent (Triss).

In the movie Divergent our main character Triss was our "flaw hero". She didn't question her society, until her childhood colony Amnigation was massacred by her new Dauntless colony. The "monsters" were the government who sent to kill all divergent people like Triss. Triss did not go down without a fight she built a civil army and won the war sadly this cost her, her life.

S'more #4: Is he the reason the party will be defeated?

Winston very may well be the spirit the people needed to defeat the party. This would be but he never expressed himself to anyone else but Julia. The only way this would be true is if he breaks free of being brain washed and escaping the thought police. So he could have been the idea the people needed but it could be too late to show it now.

S'more #4: O'Brien telling Winston he is last human.

When O’Brien tells Winston that he is the last human it is very deep. He does not mean physically he means mentally. This is because Winston is still thinking and trying to believe in other things he has control of his mind. Other people however do not they are somewhat brainwashed to believe and continue believing in what the party wants. That is why killing Winston was not enough they had to make him believe as well.

S'more #5: O'Brien villain or victim.

O’Brien can be considered many things in this plot line. He could be a victim or he could be the villain. In a way he is really both a villain and a victim. He is a villain because yes he tricked Winston and exposed him to thought police and is now torturing Winston, but is it his fault is he just being controlled by the thought police has he himself been brainwashed and is the reason he is like this this could be. The thought police had once done this to him before making him a victim as well.

S'more #6: Commercial

In the Budweiser commercial, (Jan. 8, 2014) of a hero’s welcome claims that every hero deserves the greatest welcoming home. Budweiser does this by showing the good feeling of a soldier coming home and being supported by his town and make connect to people’s emotions. The purpose of this to show how their brand is supporting this idea and encouraging people to support our soldiers. Budweiser is making their audiences want to drink their product by using the people’s emotions to their country and showing that their company cares for our soldiers.

S'more #7: The Recap

Media literacy has changed my views in the ways people are, because of the media people behave in a such way as if we would do anything for like wild animals. My ideas have decreased on many aspects of humanity due to social media. Many young man and woman today don't even bother to speak to one another, they're always too busy sending a text or answering a call, not even that! It is rare to see a millennial speaking on the phone with someone who is not a sibling to them. social media has even played a big role on politics, this has to be absurd. A person will struggle, maybe even bluff to lie to your face. Social media has made it easier for politicians to lie to us about many things. "build a wall." Republican candidate Donald Trump stated that by building a wall we could stop completely the flow of illegal immigrants. And not only that, he also lied about how he would have Mexico pay for it. Through this course I learned that, a person should always analyze before they post. By doing this instead of saying ignorant ideas, you can actually make an educated, and sophisticated statement. This course has been different because, it didn't concentrate on boring essays, instead I actually enjoyed analyzing articles and discussing them. This class is great and how it shows us this. Nothing should be done to change it.

S'more #8: social media

In response to the video I would have to agree with his statement. Instead of connecting the world it has made it all digital reality instead. More people would rather just text now instead of even call which still has more of a connection then just typing on a stupid phone. I myself honestly don’t see this as a problem for myself because I don’t do any of that social media shit. Which it is kind of annoying because no one else would hang out but just say like my post Bruh. Luckily I got other people like me so we keep that friendship instead of that fake thing. The benefit of having social media should be to show where people should hang out or tell when someone is going somewhere and inviting people. The problem with it is that people now post pictures and want to get the most likes as they can so they might spend a good amount of time getting the perfect picture to post that would get people to follower them and like it. The way I don’t get addicted is that I never used it nor have I cared to I see it as a stupid idea. The way I use it is to connect with long past friends and see their future plans and to catch up. Then I usually get off and do something else. The worst I do is text, but I don’t consider that a social media thing that is just one on one conversations. When I text I don’t use abbreviations at all it is all full one sentences.