October 25, 2020

This week we definitely experienced the autumn weather and the change in the season. One day students were able to have light jackets and the next we saw clothes and hats. The weather impacted our arrival and dismissal process and as we head into cold and wet days we will look to make adjustments to make all of our processes better. We would also like to remind families that as the weather changes please be sure your child has the appropriate clothing for outdoor recess. Students will go outside as long as the weather permits.


We currently have some job posting for lunch supervisors. The position would involve supervising students during recess and during their eating portion of lunch. If you are interested in a lunch supervisor position you can access the posting on the website. You will want to scroll down to find the noon hour position for Frank C. Whiteley. If you have questions about this role you can email the assistant principal, Theresa Drogos (drogost@ccsd15.net ).


Please make sure you are certifying that your child is healthy for school, by signing the card that is placed in the lanyard. Every Friday, the teacher will place a new card in the lanyard for the upcoming week.


During the week of October 26th the district will be having a district wide Spirit Week! We encourage all of our learners to participate. We would love for our Whiteley students to share their enthusiasm by participating each day. You can send pictures to Mrs. Rivera (riveraf@ccsd15.net) each day for pictures to be posted on our school Facebook page. I have included the information in regards to the Spirit Week!


FUNFAIR: Don't forget to fill out the questionnaire about your pre-purchased Funfair tickets. If you plan to exchange your game or raffle tickets for a refund, please submit a response so we can plan ahead for refunds.


We will be issuing refunds at Whiteley on Tuesday, October 27 from 4pm-5pm and Friday, October 30 from 3:00-4:30pm, outside in the parking lot by door 3. Please bring your tickets and wear your mask. If you are participating in the virtual raffle, please stop by the vestibule to the main office during school hours anytime from Oct. 26-Oct. 30 and deposit your tickets in the pink box. Please avoid drop off and pickup times for depositing your tickets. Include your name and phone number on all tickets. Any questions email whiteleypta@gmail.com

VIRTUAL PUMPKIN CARVING EVENT: Don't forget to send in your pumpkin carving photos to whiteleypta@gmail.com. We will be posting the photos and announcing our winners live on Facebook.


During the 2020-21 school year, we continue to remain focused on our top priority, student safety, in all of our school buildings. Safety is a shared responsibility and all of us play an important role in keeping our students safe.

At Whiteley School and throughout District 15, we take a proactive approach in maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment. This information is being shared with you not in response to a concern in our community, but because we want to be sure all students are prepared to respond appropriately if they find themselves in an unsafe situation.

With that in mind, your student(s) will be learning about the importance of reporting unsafe behaviors and situations at school through a lesson called “See Something, Say Something”. This lesson will be taught to all District 15 students during the month of November or December. It will cover what behaviors and situations are unsafe and the multiple ways your student(s) can report these incidents.

Aside from reporting an incident or concern to a trusted adult, an online, anonymous option that is available to you and your child is the existing online Bullying / Safety Tipline that is located on the District 15 website.

  • The tipline provides everyone, parents and students, with an option to anonymously report bullying and/or safety concerns within their schools.

  • Please include as much detailed information as possible because doing so will greatly assist administrators in investigating and addressing the concern(s). When information is shared, it enables the administrators to take action in order to keep our students safe.

  • All tips are anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.

It is important to note, we are teaching our students to “See Something, Say Something” as a proactive measure in order to ensure students know what to do if they find themselves in an unsafe situation.

Teaching and preventing unsafe behaviors is a priority for the District 15 Safety Committee.

Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping our students safe. If you have any concerns, please reach out.


We are asking our families to please help us with our arrival and dismissal procedures. We truly appreciate all of your patience and assistance.


Pull your vehicle all the way up to front so we can move the traffic for arrival quicker

If your child is riding a bike they must walk the bike on school grounds

Be sure your child has their mask on when exiting the vehicle

Students should have all their belongings with them when they are ready to exit the vehicle

Be sure they have their self-certify lanyard signed and out so we can see them


Please do not bring dogs onto school property

If you are picking up your child and have a meeting spot be sure they know where the meeting spot will be

If your child is a walker they will be dismissed at 3:25 and will be allowed to begin their walk towards home

If you are picking up your child in a vehicle it is extremely important that you have your last name visible for the staff to see as you enter the parking lot

Pull your vehicle all the way up to front so we can move the traffic for dismissal quicker

Thank you for all of your support!


October 26th -Kick-off To District Spirit Week

  • Monday-Country/Western Day
  • Tuesday-Team Tuesday-Wear Your Favorite Team Shirt
  • Wednesday-Wacky Hair Wednesday
  • Thursday- Throwback Thursday -Celebrate Your Favorite Decade
  • Friday-P.J. Friday

November 2nd-No School-Teacher Institute Day

November 3rd-No School - Election Day

November 4th-Virtual PTA Meeting @ 7:00