Greene Notes

May 22, 2020

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoon.

Video from the Principals

Wordmasters Challenge honors!

A team representing E. H. Greene School achieved Highest Honors in the WordMasters Challenge™—a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 125,000 students annually. The sixth grade team scored an impressive 177 points out of a possible 200 in the second meet this year, placing seventh in the nation.

Competing in the very difficult Gold Division of the WordMasters Challenge™, students from E. H. Greene School who achieved outstanding results in the meet include sixth graders Lukas Hoeltje and Veronica Somsakhein. The students were coached in preparation for the WordMasters Challenge™ by Leslie Burklow and Angela Ryan.

The WordMasters Challenge™ is an exercise in critical thinking that first encourages students to become familiar with a set of interesting new words (considerably harder than grade level), and then challenges them to use those words to complete analogies expressing various kinds of logical relationships. Working to solve the analogies helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically. Although most vocabulary enrichment and analogy-solving programs are designed for use by high school students, WordMasters Challenge™ materials have been specifically created for younger students in grades three through eight. They are particularly well suited for children who are motivated by the challenge of learning new words and enjoy the logical puzzles posed by analogies.

Congratulations to all those students who competed in this challenge, and to their coaches, Mrs. Burklow and Mrs. Ryan!

End of Year Information


We wanted to let you know that your child will have access to their IXL account until the end of July. Practice away!

Locker Clean out and Lost and Found

If you were unable to attend the locker clean out, all items have been removed from lockers and have been put on tables in the Front Lobby with the Lost and Found. Please retrieve your items from your locker and Lost and Found by 2:30 pm on Tuesday, May 26. Please ring the doorbell at the Front Entrance and someone will open the door . You may come anytime between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm. Any items not taken will be donated to charity. Thank you!


We have not yet received yearbooks from this school year. Our current plan is to distribute them once students return to the school building.

If you are moving...

If your family is moving or planning to move out of the Sycamore District before the start of the 2020-2021 school year, please contact Mrs. Gould at We are currently placing students and if your child will not be attending Greene next year, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you!

For Rising 7th Graders: Sycamore Junior High Summer Reading

Help prevent summer reading loss by reading a great book! Studies have shown that reading proficiency levels can decrease over the summer. To help lessen the loss of reading skills, students at Sycamore Junior High are encouraged to keep reading all summer. All of the language arts classes at the junior high have summer reading expectations. Assignments and instructions are located in Google Classrooms that students access using their Sycamore student accounts. See below for the Google Classroom codes. All summer reading assignments are due on the first day of school.

Honors Language Arts 7

Students enrolling in Honors Language Arts 7 for the 2020-2021 school year need to use the Google Classroom code fjnujob to access the summer reading assignment and instructions. Students must use their Sycamore provided student account to join the Google Classroom.

Language Arts 7 and 8

Students enrolling in Language Arts 7/8 for the 2020-2021 school year need to use the Google Classroom code h7zzngf to access the recommended summer reading. Students must use their Sycamore provided student account to join the Google Classroom.