Mary Robinson

The First Women President of Ireland

Former President Robinson

Born Mary Therese Winifred Bourke in Ballina, County Mayo, in 1944, she is the daughter of two medical doctors.[9] Her father was Dr. Aubrey Bourke of Ballina, County Mayo, while her mother was Dr. Tessa Bourke (née O'Donnell) of Carndonagh, Inishowen. Her family has lived in Mayo since the 13th century.

Mrs. Robinson had a good sense of leadership since she started politics. You can see this by how quickly she rose to power in Ireland.

Mary Robinsons sense of leadership and perserverence are quilitys that i think that i have. I could use these in a job that requires you to be a good leader.

Things you could do to become a better leader are try to take charge and "put your foot down