Magic in the Middle

Arcola Intermediate School, 1/24/22

Picture Day Reminder

This Monday and Tuesday is picture day. Students on site will be photographed during the day; virtual students will be photographed on Monday from 3:30-6pm- see the website for details according to alphabet split/times. All students in sports or activities will be photographed between 3-3:30 on Monday. If there is any interruption due to weather we will make arrangements through Lifetouch to make=up the time.

Thank you!

Counselor Corner

We are nearing the end of the semester. Everyone is working hard and we are proud of you. If you need help, please reach out to your team of teachers first and counselors so we can put a plan in place to address any concerns. We will also begin discussions about next year and scheduling. Counselors will be rolling out details, stay tuned!

Drills This Week- Information

On January 27 and January 28, Skyview and Arcola staff and students will participate in a Lockdown Drill. Staff will be presenting and discussing the security procedures in our emergency guidelines as they guide our students through the drill. Students will be made aware of the drill one day in advance via an announcement email and again when the drill begins. Our purpose is to communicate our safety procedures to staff and students and have them practice the drill together.

This drill will be instructional in nature and classes will talk through all procedures so that both on premise and virtual students will learn what to do. While this will look different than our typical lockdown drill, our goal is that through discussion and instruction on procedures students and staff will be prepared for an emergency situation. Students will remain socially distanced during this drill.

We will gather feedback to make sure we have the most effective procedures in place as we continue to work with local and state agencies.

Please contact the office with any questions you may have.

Principal Town Meeting

In December I started to host Arcola Town meetings to help provide open communication and support for parents. We will be hosting them this month on Thursday, 1/28. There are two, 30 minute slots available and a link with times will be sent out. We hold one in the morning and one in the evening. Hope to see you there!

Stay The Course!

I continue to be very proud of all students, staff and families at Arcola. As we know this has been a long, hard road but we continue to stay strong and persevere. Please continue to reach out with any questions or concerns. Teachers, counselors and administrators are here for you! I will do all I can for every student, teacher and family we have.

Attendance and Nurse

Please keep our nurse and attendance office updated with any medical concerns/needs as well as absences.