CC News Flash

Week 22

Can you believe it?

Only three more weeks of CC. I am really looking forward to summer and at the same time realizing how much I am going to miss seeing all of you every week. We definitely need to plan some park days this summer. Please let me know if you have some ideas. I'm thinking a Beach Day at Cave Rock or Sand Harbor, a Tahoe hike day or just meeting at Fuji park playground.


During our large group time, we will review our orchestra vocabulalry. We also have a couple of student solos planned. Gabrielle Wallace will play piano and Asa Morway will play guitar. The students will be listening to Mozart: Piano Concerto no. 22 in E-Flat, Third Movement, during classroom time.

Science Experiement - Mineral Identification

This week, students will work in pairs or threesomes to identify a mineral using the tests which were introduced last week. Parents, please be prepared to assist students (especially in the classes with our younger students). We will need to be extra vigilant that mineral specimens do not get mixed up. I am not cofident enough in my own mineral identification skills to sort the minerals correctly at the end of the day. ;)


*Don't Forget! Tomorrow is PJ Day! Can't wait to see all of you in your cute pajamas.

*Next Week: Picture Day

*End of Year Celebration will be held on Friday 4/26/2016. Please invite friends and family. We will offer a Dessert Reception immediately following the presentation. Please use the link below to sign-up to bring a dessert.

*If your student would like to earn a lapel pin for memorizing our Bible Memory Work (Exodus 20) for this cycle, please sign up on the link below. Students may recite or sing the song to earn their pin. Students will be recognized for their efforts at the End of Year Celebration.

*Memory Master Parents: I need to have a short meeting with you tomorrow. Could we plan to eat lunch together? Pastor Nick has given us permission to meet at the church on Monday 4/25/16 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm to complete our Tutor and Director Proofs for MM.

*Breakfast/Lunch Service: If you checked the B/L sign-up prior to today, tomorrow's lunch has been changed. Debra Ornelas is bringing Chicken Spaghetti Soup.