Gibbs Theory

What GIbbs Theory has to offer

Gibbs 6 stages to reflection

The 6 stages of Gibbs reflection are

1st Describe what Happened?

2nd Feeling which you were feeling or thinking

3rd What was good and bad about the experience

4th Describe the sense of the situation

5th The conclusion what could you have done better

6th What could you do better if you had to do it again

Why did Gibbs Make this cycle?

Gibbs made this cycle to help students with their course work when they are doing assignments which require reflective writing. The aim of Gibbs cycle is to link the practice to the theory, help self-improvement and to explore new ideas and approaches towards things.

Why I chose this cycle

I chose this cycle because when answering each section of the in reflective writing it gives you a good understanding on what you need to include when using the cycle for reflective writing . This cycle will also help me because it has a clear structure to work from and is easy to understand.

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