Waimarino adventurer park

Our adventurer park

Our park has all the awesome fun water toys for the whole family we have the kayak slide, the diving bored and the Blob.

Our awesome water toys

Blob story

Click Click goes the buckles of the life jacket. Stomp Stomp up the stairs of terrier. 321 doof as I hit the soft air pillow. Crawling to the end, one again 321 doof as you fly up BANG as you hit the water with a big splash

Waimarino adventure park is the place to be its got all sorts of fun stuff no matter what age you are. We have diving boreds, kayak slides and the best thing the blob now you might be wondering what the blob is its a air filled multi colored pillow that one person jumps onto to make the other people fly into the air see the trick is that is at one end then it forces to the other end making the person fly high in the sky. So I rec amend that you come to Waimarino adventurer park.