Ride Out the Summer

Tuesday Night Ride

Mass Goodbye via Bicycle

Been to one or two Tuesday Night Rides? Passed on every single one of them? Never even heard of it before? It's cool... but for this one, we need you! Every rider counts on this critical last Tuesday Night Ride of the summer. We are aiming for a crew as massive as possible! Road riders, flatlanders, low riders and rail trail cruisers—critics and champions, masters and novices—we need you all! Take off work. Get a sitter. Finish your paper on Monday. Massage those quads if need be, and make sure you're there to cruise WITH US ALL. Main Street is ours... and then?

Ride Out the Summer (Tuesday Night Ride)

Tuesday, Sep. 17th 2013 at 7pm

268 Main Street

Beacon, NY

Meetup at the Peoples racks outside of Key Foods

Tuesday Night Ride

We are an open social group who meets every Tuesday at 7pm to take a bike ride. We usually travel between 1 and 5 miles in and around Beacon, NY, and more often than not, finish up at a local cafe or pub. Join us any Tuesday—all you need is a bicycle (and we're pretty liberal about that, too).