Restriction, Rebellion, Emotion

The Giver

The Relationship Between Pain and Pleasure

The reason of this theme is to describe the book in one sentence. Pain is related to The Giver because, the Giver reminds Jonas of painful memories throughout meetings. He reminds Jonas of war, and sledding accidents. Pleasure is related to The Giver in many ways, "...memories are forever..." this quote reveals good memories. "...I heard people singing, for the first time..." This reveals Jonas's feelings about music, they are good feelings in which he expresses throughout the book.

Children go to school, adults go to work, Jonas goes to The Giver.

Characters, and events.

Jonas is an eleven-year old child who is full of fear and seeks advice to a man named, The Giver. Jonas finds out his dad's real job, on the way back from a visit, and his job is releasing babies. Jonas and Gabriel run away from being released. The Giver is full of exciting, sad, and fascinating events and characters in the book, all of them unique in their own way.

Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry is a 75 year-old author living in Hawaii. She writes children's literature, and studied at Brown University. Born March 20, 1937. Her book has been awarded a Newbery Medal, and has been praised by hundreds of critics.