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November Newsletter

gearing up for finals

It's that special time of year... Whether these will be your first college final exams or you're an old pro, it's time to upgrade some of your study habits. Check out this quick video of the 7 best scientifically proven techniques to will help you study more effectively.
The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

Study Tips Quick Guide

  • Keep study sessions short; 20-30mins at a time over the span of a few weeks.
  • NO ALL NIGHT CRAMMING! Ever. Don't do it!
  • Take the time to turn your notes into flashcards to more effectively learn the content.
  • Focus on one topic at a time until you can explain it to someone else in a simple way.
  • Find practice tests to take or make your own.
  • Listen to classical music or no music at all if possible.
  • Have every supply you need for your study session on hand to avoid distractions. ......and, please, put your phone away!

freaking out?

Exam anxiety is a huge problem for college students, and something I've struggled with myself. This second quick video has some great strategies to help you combat and overcome your test anxiety. Just keep in mind you should start working on these things now - procrastination always leads to more anxiety!
7 Tips To Beat Exam Anxiety
During exam weeks it's important to make a real effort to take extra good care of yourself. You need to be sleeping 6-8 hours regularly and eating food that will fuel your body and your brain instead of drag you down. Check out some of these foods below with natural sugars and lots of fiber and vitamins that have also been known to lower stress levels when consumed.
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It's really important to be proactive about studying, especially if you are someone who suffers from extreme test anxiety. Make sure you reach out to a friend, classmate, professor, or even me if you need to talk more about your worries and gather inspiration! You're certainly not alone in your fear and stress and opening up to help from others will only make things easier for you. Hang in there, everyone! You're almost one more semester closer to that diploma!
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