Decatur Proud Newsletter

FALL 2017


Decatur Township partners with Apple and Nextech to launch Computer Science courses for K-12 students.

We won! Learn more about how we will use a $15,000 grant from the Education Workforce Innovation Network (EWIN).

Download our two new mobile apps and stay connected. The official MSD of Decatur Township app includes information on school lunches, events, staff information, announcements and more. New for Hawks fans, the Decatur Central Athletic Department app provides quick and easy access to all athletic events, schedules, news, alerts and team’s social feeds. Both mobile apps are available on iOS and Android devices in the app store.


We are happy to be highlighting Laurie Sheldrake, our Teacher of the Year and a committed Decatur Proud team member for more than a decade. As our math and science facilitator for Decatur Township School for Excellence, Sheldrake helps students who struggle with motivation, behavior and learning to achieve their goal of earning a high school diploma. Learn more about this all-star employee in this semester’s Employee Spotlight.

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With more than 700 student-athletes in the Decatur Township school district, our new Health and Wellness Director Bradley Rose shines a light on the importance of wellness and sports performance in our Athletics Update. Read more here.

On August 25 the Decatur Central Athletic Hall of Fame inducted four new members at the Hawk football game vs. Perry Meridian. The new distinguished Hall of Fame members include Bob Belden, Stephen Langston, Amy Cozad Magaña and Donnie McCoy. Learn more here.

Several Decatur Central High School athletic facilities have experienced major renovations within the past decade that not only enhance the student-athlete experience, but the community as a whole. Find out more about athletic facility renovations here.


Our new Health and Wellness Director Bradley Rose is laying the foundation for a healthier community. Learn how he’s implementing wellness programs that educate students on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our Health & Wellness Spotlight. Read more here.

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Have you ever wondered what the halls of Decatur Central High School looked like in the 60s? In this Facility Overview you’ll learn just how renovations and changes allowed DCHS to implement small learning communities. Read more here.

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Catch up on the latest news from the Decatur Center High School Alumni Association President Jack Butler and learn how you can get more involved. This month’s letter includes details from the All Class Dinner earlier this year. Read more here!


Mark Evans

Athletic Director - Decatur Middle School

Jason Freeman

Bus Router - Transportation Department