Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Book Review

Title: Hatchet

Author: Gary Paulsen

Lead Characters: The main character is Brian Robeson. He is a thirteen-year old boy from Hampton, whose parents are divorced.

Plot: Brian Robeson`s parents recently got divorced. He takes a flying lesson in which he takes control of the plane headed to Hampton, New York where he would see his father. He fails to go to Hampton, New York and crashes into the wilderness where he finds himself all alone with only a hatchet. Everything in his life seem to go in a wrong direction than he wanted it to be.

I liked this novel a lot because one of this book`s theme was "man versus nature" which I found very interesting. Another reason why I liked it is because I was able to relate to Brian`s emotions.

My favorite part was was when Brian Robeson tried to cut himself with a Hatchet.In this scene, he at first wanted to throw away everything but at the end he decides to embrace life and to take an active role in his own fate. I liked this scene because he eventually starts to think clearly and rationally and starts looking at the positive side of his situation.

If I could change something in this book I would make Brian Robeson a fifteen-year old because I do not think that a thirteen-year old is capable of the situations in this book.

Yes, I liked the characters in this book. My favorite character was Brian Robeson because he loves nature and is a very young and sensitive boy.

I recommend this book to people that are adventurous young adults.

The text in this book is depressing, adventurous, thrilling, exciting and inspiring.

This book is in English and uses flashback, metaphor, personification, simile etc.)

This book uses colloquial language.


  • "And now a jolt took him like a hammerblow, so force-fully that he seemed to crush back into the seat, and Brian reached for him, could not understand what it was, could not know"(10).
  • "He dove inside and grabbed the wood and ran around the edge of the ridge, scrambled up like a cat and blew and nearly had the flame feeding, growing, when the sound moved away"(111).

The level of language makes it very easy for the reader to follow.